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To bust blood sugar im­bal­ances, fo­cus on high­pro­tein, low-carb meals and snacks, with lots of fiber and moder­ate fat; some peo­ple ben­e­fit from eat­ing sev­eral small meals through­out the day, rather than three big meals. Try blood-sugar-bal­anc­ing sup­ple­ments like chromium pi­col­i­nate, bit­ter melon, berber­ine, or gym­nema sylvestre; a com­bi­na­tion blood-sugar for­mula may be the most ef­fec­tive ap­proach. If you sus­pect heart­burn or stom­ach ir­ri­ta­tion is driv­ing your crav­ings for creamy, cut down on fatty and spicy foods, and try a heart­burn for­mula that con­tains mag­ne­sium, cal­cium, aloe vera, L-glu­tamine, pa­pain, and/or el­lagic acid. And swap NSAIDs for less-ir­ri­tat­ing pain re­lief op­tions, like white wil­low bark, boswellia, or a home­o­pathic com­bi­na­tion for­mula.

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