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If you con­sider a full pint of but­ter pecan (or a bag of cook­ies or a box of choco­lates) just a warm-up, you may be su er­ing from blood sugar im­bal­ances. Crav­ing sweets can be an early sign of in­sulin re­sis­tance, which may lead to di­a­betes. Even worse, you may be hooked: re­search has proven sugar is highly ad­dic­tive, and be­hav­iors around sugar—like crav­ings, with­drawal and in­creased tol­er­ance—mimic those ob­served with drugs of abuse, like opi­oids and co­caine. If your crav­ings fo­cus speci cally on ice cream and milk­shakes, rather than any old sweets, you may have mild heart­burn or acid re ux, or you may be tak­ing too many NSAIDs like Motrin or Tylenol—and be­cause cold, creamy dairy tends to be sooth­ing, your body may be crav­ing re­lief.

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