Fes­tive Hol­i­day Scents Aro­mather­apy blends that evoke the spirit of the hol­i­days and ease sea­sonal stress.

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bet­ter way to wel­come hol­i­day guests than with scents of the win­ter sea­son such as fir, pine, or spruce? Es­sen­tial oils from the conifer fam­ily are nat­u­rally an­ti­sep­tic and boost the res­pi­ra­tory sys­tem. Breath­ing in th­ese re­fresh­ing oils will help open air­ways, clear your mind, and tame ten­sion, mak­ing them the per­fect go-to this De­cem­ber.

GRAND FIR ( Abies gran­dis) smells just like a hol­i­day tree. Take a whiff and you’ll be in­spired to cre­ate a sim­ple home scent to carry you through the hol­i­days. The scent of grand

fir lifts the mood, and along with in­vig­o­rat­ing DOU­GLAS FIR ( Pseu­dot­suga dou­glasii), it can help boost low spir­its.

Blend the fir oils with the woodsy notes of SCOTCH ( Scots)

PINE ( Pi­nus sylvestris) for an aroma that’s cleans­ing for body, mind, and spirit. Even if you live in a warm-weather cli­mate, the scent will shout a wel­come to the hol­i­days while pu­ri­fy­ing the air and still­ing fraz­zled nerves.

To dis­perse the aroma, mix a few drops of each oil in an aro­mather­apy dif­fuser, or add the oils to wa­ter in a saucer and place on a sunny win­dowsill to let the sun warm the blend. To cre­ate a home mist, mix 8 drops of each oil with dis­tilled wa­ter in a four-ounce glass spray bot­tle and shake gen­tly. Mist the air reg­u­larly to freshen stuffy rooms and thwart air­borne germs. The spruces, in­clud­ing WHITE SPRUCE ( Picea glauca) and BLACK SPRUCE ( Picea mar­i­ana), help build stamina by bol­ster­ing the adrenal glands, which take a hit from the chal­lenges of hol­i­day travel, er­ratic sched­ules, and even cold, dry weather. Spruce acts as a tonic for low en­ergy and re­lief for achy mus­cles, and when com­bined with calm­ing LAVEN­DER ( La­van­dula an­gus­ti­fo­lia), it packs a pow­er­ful one-two punch to blue moods. Keep this blend handy for a quick pick-me-up when your spir­its are flag­ging.

Cre­ate a mas­sage blend by mix­ing 8 drops each of white spruce and black spruce with 12 drops laven­der es­sen­tial oils in a one-ounce bot­tle filled with a car­rier oil such as grape­seed or cal­en­dula, which is a great choice for its heal­ing prop­er­ties.

Can’t get away for a mas­sage ses­sion? Be your own ther­a­pist when­ever you feel ex­hausted or an­noyed. First, pour a small amount of the blend into your hands and lightly rub palms to­gether to re­lease the aroma; then bring your hands to your face, and breathe deeply. Next, rub the blend onto your neck and shoul­ders. Bet­ter yet, if you can sneak away for a bath, pour a cap­ful or two into a tub

filled with warm wa­ter, then sink back and re­lax.

Other es­sen­tial oils from the conifer fam­ily of­fer pow­er­ful emo­tional sup­port. CY­PRESS ( Cu­pres­sus sem­per­virens) has a warm aroma that curbs anx­i­ety. Dif­fuse sev­eral drops of cy­press with equal amounts of laven­der in the evenings be­fore bed­time to pro­mote rest­ful sleep. Add CEDAR­WOOD ( Ju­nipe­rus vir­gini­ana) to th­ese oils for an earthy layer. For a mas­sage blend, mix 8 drops each of cy­press, cedar, and laven­der with 1 ounce of a car­rier oil such as sweet al­mond, in a glass bot­tle. Cap tightly, then roll the bot­tle be­tween your palms to warm the oils. Un­cap the bot­tle and ap­ply the blend on wrists, tem­ples, and chest. To lever­age cedar­wood’s detox­i­fy­ing prop­er­ties, ap­ply in a cir­cu­lar mo­tion to the stom­ach and lower back over the kid­neys.

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