How to Choose & Use MCT Oil

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MCT oils con­tain three main types of fatty acids: lau­ric, capric, and caprylic acids. All are clas­si­fied as medium chain, but lau­ric is a some­what longer chain than the oth­ers, and is of­ten con­sid­ered to be less ben­e­fi­cial for en­ergy boost­ing and fat-burn­ing. How­ever, some re­search has found lau­ric acid to be the most pow­er­ful of the three in fight­ing bac­te­ria, fungi, and viruses.

MCT oil trig­gers pro­duc­tion of ke­tones, sub­stances gen­er­ated when fat is burned for en­ergy. For op­ti­mum en­ergy-boost­ing and weight-con­trol ef­fects, try in­cor­po­rat­ing MCT oil into a diet that con­tains non­starchy vegeta­bles rather than starchy or sug­ary car­bo­hy­drates.

How much to take: 1 Tbs. daily, or about 13 grams if tak­ing cap­sules. MCT oil can be added to food, smooth­ies, or taken by it­self. Some prod­ucts come in a va­ri­ety of fla­vors. MCT oil sup­ple­ments are made from co­conut and/or palm oil, an­other rich source of MCTs.

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