Breathe Easy Blends

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You can add these blends to a dif­fuser or use them to make a mas­sage oil: mix oils in a 1 oz. glass bot­tle with a car­rier oil such as grape­seed or sweet al­mond oil.


8 drops Eucalyptus 8 drops Black Pep­per 12 drops Lavandin


4 drops Eucalyptus 10 drops Lavandin 14 drops Green Man­darin

Healthy Tip: Make ef­fec­tive use of your re­s­pi­ra­tory blends. A few times daily, ap­ply blends in a cir­cu­lar mo­tion on the chest and so­lar plexus, the base of and be­hind your neck, be­hind your ears, and on other lymph nodes. Then place a drop un­der the nose to has­ten the ben­e­fits of aro­mather­apy.

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