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DOC­TOR'S BEST Niacin, Time-Re­lease with Ni­ax­tend con­tains the pre­ferred form of niacin for pro­mot­ing healthy choles­terol— nico­tinic acid.

KYOLIC Blood Pres­sure For­mula 109 blends Aged Gar­lic Ex­tract with nat­tok­i­nase and L-theanine—all have been shown to re­duce high blood pres­sure.

NA­TURE'S PLUS SOURCE OF LIFE Gar­den Or­ganic Red Yeast Rice is cer ti­fied or­ganic and con­tains 600 mg of stan­dard­ized nu­tri­tional ac­tivit y.

QUAL­ITY OF LIFE Car­dioChol helps pro­mote healthy choles­terol, ar ter­ies, and blood pres­sure lev­els with plant sterols and CoQ10.

THE VITAMIN SHOPPE Ubiquinol CoQ- 10 200 mg fea­tures Kaneka QH(R) Ubiquinol, a pro­pri­etary form that has been shown to be eas­ier to ab­sorb.

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