A daily mul­ti­vi­ta­min/min­eral should go be­yond ba­sic well­ness sup­port to help en­sure your body is re­ceiv­ing the es­sen­tial nu­tri­ents it needs to stay healthy and ac­tive. Here’s how to choose the best multi for you

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What’s New in Mul­tis A daily mul­ti­vi­ta­min/min­eral should go be­yond ba­sic well­ness sup­port. Here’s how to choose the best multi for you.

Even the best-fed Amer­i­cans may be lack­ing in cer­tain key nu­tri­ents—all the more rea­son to for­tify your­self with a well-de­signed multi. And you have more op­tions than ever be­fore. Check out our list be­low for some of the new­est selec­tions for your mul­ti­ple choice.


Back-to-the-plate for­mu­las are less about high-tech de­liv­ery sys­tems, and more about ba­sic in­gre­di­ents. Food-based for­mu­las fo­cus on whole plants like berries, kale, spinach, mush­rooms, beets and ap­ples, and con­tain com­plex com­pounds that op­ti­mize ab­sorp­tion and bioavail­abil­ity. Stud­ies sug­gest vi­ta­mins and min­er­als de­rived from food are more bioavail­able than their syn­thetic ver­sions. And food­based mul­tis gen­er­ally in­clude a clean in­gre­di­ent list that’s or­ganic, raw, ve­gan and/or vege­tar­ian, and laced with fiber, pro­bi­otics, and nat­u­rally oc­cur­ring an­tiox­i­dants. Prod­uct pick: Plnt Whole Food Mul­ti­vi­ta­min


Why should kids have all the fun? New, adult-friendly gum­mies and chews are eas­ier to take — es­pe­cially for peo­ple who can’t swal­low pills — and en­hance com­pli­ance. In other words, you’ll be less likely to skip your morn­ing multi when it’s in the form of a sweet, chewy treat. And adult gum­mies are for­mu­lated for grown-up needs, like bone pro­tec­tion, heart health, prostate sup­port, and stress. Prod­uct pick: Vi­taFu­sion Men’s Adult Mul­ti­vi­ta­mins


Pow­dered drink mixes and liq­uid mul­ti­vi­ta­mins make sup­ple­ments eas­ier to swal­low, and are ideal for pill-haters. Like gum­mies, they by­pass “pill fa­tigue,” com­mon in adults 45 and older, who of­ten take more than four pre­scrip­tion pills per day. Be­cause mul­ti­vi­ta­min pow­ders and liq­uids don’t rely on binders and fillers—needed to com­press nu­tri­ents into pill forms—they’re eas­ier to break down and ab­sorb. And they’re con­ve­nient; add liq­uids or pow­ders to break­fast smooth­ies or juice, or toss in­di­vid­ual pack­ets into your purse or brief­case for on-the-go nu­tri­tion. Prod­uct pick: All One Green Phyto Base Mul­ti­ple Vi­ta­min & Min­eral Pow­der


More so­phis­ti­cated (and nat­u­ral) than pre­na­tal vi­ta­mins of ear­lier gen­er­a­tions, new mul­tis tar­get all stages of moth­er­hood—im­por­tant, be­cause proper nu­tri­tion from con­cep­tion through nurs­ing is cru­cial for the preven­tion of adult­hood dis­eases. Preg­nancy mul­tis vary from stream­lined, food-based for­mu­las to more com­plex blends that in­crease en­ergy, boost fiber, or sup­port moms over 35. Con­cep­tion mul­tis in­clude fer­til­ity-boost­ing nu­tri­ents and botan­i­cals, and post­na­tal for­mu­las are de­signed to sup­port en­ergy, mood and lactation, with herbs to en­hance lactation. Prod­uct pick: Rain­bow Light Pre­na­tal Mul­ti­vi­ta­min Plus Im­mune Sup­port Re­mem­ber the last time you went on a trip and had to take bulky bot­tles of sup­ple­ments (or trans­fer var­i­ous com­bi­na­tions to Zi­ploc bags)? Prepacked prod­ucts make it easy to take your dailies—even if you’re not go­ing any­where. Plus, they’re tar­geted for spe­cific needs. Most in­clude a full-spec­trum multi, with ad­di­tional cap­sules, tablets, or soft­gels of other nu­tri­ents like omega-3s, green tea, saw pal­metto, pro­bi­otics, or L-cit­rulline. Prod­uct pick: MyTri­tion Women Ac­tive Packs


Even well-fed kids may be lack­ing in key mi­cronu­tri­ents, but a grow­ing crop of mul­tis fo­cuses on spe­cific needs at ev­ery stage of de­vel­op­ment. Many in­clude pro­bi­otics to off­set the overuse of an­tibi­otics, as well as omega-3s for brain de­vel­op­ment, fiber for di­ges­tive health, and nu­tri­ents to sup­port im­mune func­tion. Teen-based mul­tis in­clude nu­tri­ents for en­ergy, stress, healthy skin, and brain power. And most of­fer kid-friendly for­mats, like gum­mies, pow­ders, or choco­late chews, with lots of sugar-free and or­ganic op­tions. Prod­uct pick: Olly Kids’ Multi + Pro­bi­otic


New mul­tis go be­yond ba­sic vi­ta­min-and-min­eral blends to in­clude herbs, botan­i­cals, and adap­to­gens for op­ti­mal health. Look for blends with turmeric to ease in­flam­ma­tion; ginkgo biloba and rho­di­ola rosea for mood and me­mory; hawthorn berry or knotweed (poly­gonum) for car­dio­vas­cu­lar health; ash­wa­gandha and holy basil for stress and anx­i­ety; echi­nacea and mush­room ex­tracts for im­mune func­tion; dong quai and red clover for women’s health; or saw pal­metto, gin­seng and muira puama for men’s health and en­ergy. Prod­uct pick: Flo­radix Epre­sat Mul­ti­vi­ta­min

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