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Fa­tigue fighter

Gar­den of Ash­wa­gandha Life mykind Or­gan­ics Ash­wa­gandha is a clin­i­cally stud­ied adap­to­genic herb that nour­ishes your adrenal glands, help­ing your body to man­age stress, op­ti­mize en­ergy lev­els, and fight fa­tigue. mykind Or­gan­ics Ash­wa­gandha—and Herbals—is or­ganic and the non-GMO cer­ti­fied en­tire line USDA Project of Ver­i­fied, en­sur­ing these herbals are clean and grown with­out toxic pes­ti­cides, her­bi­cides, or fungi­cides. Each serv­ing con­tains 600 mg of or­ganic ash­wa­gandha root and 50 mg of or­ganic fer­mented gin­ger root, and in­cludes added pro­bi­otics for di­ges­tive health.

Boost your smoothie to boost your mood

New Chap­ter Fer­mented Black Seed Booster Pow­der For­mu­lated with in­gre­di­ents such as black seed (Nigella), Lion’s mane, turmeric, pep­per­mint, co­rian­der, and ar­ti­choke, this pow­der de­liv­ers sooth­ing holis­tic well­ness sup­port. Fer­mented Black Seed Booster Pow­der of­fers oc­ca­sional stress relief and me­mory sup­port, while aid­ing a healthy mood. Turmeric is a nat­u­ral in­flam­ma­tion fighter, while Lion’s mane pro­motes nor­mal brain func­tion and men­tal clar­ity. The easy-to-di­gest pow­der is for­mu­lated with a unique 2-step fer­men­ta­tion method and has been proven to deeply nour­ish at a cel­lu­lar level. It also con­tains aloe, a gen­tle detox­i­fier that aids in di­ges­tion. It’s non-GMO Project Ver­i­fied, kosher, gluten-free, and 100 per­cent ve­gan. Add it to smooth­ies, shakes, yo­gurt, or juices.

Anti stress gum­mies

Nat­u­ral Vi­tal­ity Calm Gum­mies Mag­ne­sium is a vi­tal part of hun­dreds of in­cred­i­bly im­por­tant en­zymes in the body that play a role in ev­ery­thing from nerve to heart to bone to mus­cle func­tion­ing. De­fi­cien­cies may in­crease the risk of di­a­betes, hy­per­ten­sion, weak bones, poor brain func­tion­ing (in­clud­ing mi­graines and de­pres­sion), and heart dis­ease. Low lev­els can con­trib­ute to fa­tigue. Ideally, you’d get all the nu­tri­ents you need from food, in­clud­ing plenty of mag­ne­sium, but food sources of mag­ne­sium are of­ten in­ad­e­quate. There are also sev­eral fac­tors that can im­pair your abil­ity to use the mag­ne­sium in­clud­ing tinal dis­or­ders, di­a­betes, you and do gas­trointes- too eat, much cal­cium in the diet. They pro­mote a healthy mag­ne­sium level and bal­ance cal­cium in­take—the re­sult of which is nat­u­ral stress relief in great-tast­ing, kid-friendly, anti-stress gum­mies.

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