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Fish Oil for your face

Re­serveage Nu­tri­tion Lipid Beauty Com­plex Omega-3 fatty acids can ben­e­fit the skin by bol­ster­ing the cell mem­brane of the epi­der­mis. The sun’s ul­tra­vi­o­let light in­creases the ag­ing process of the skin, but re­search has demon­strated that omegas can de­crease skin dam­age from UV light, pol­lu­tion, and an un­healthy diet. Lipid Beauty Com­plex sup­ports well­ness with a com­bi­na­tion of whole-food ma­rine nu­tri­ents known to calm en­vi­ron­men­tally in­duced acute in­flam­ma­tion and sup­port ra­di­ant health. Sourced from the Bering Sea, the Pa­cific cod con­tain spe­cial­ized pro-re­solv­ing me­di­a­tors (SPMs) and are high in nat­u­rally DHA, EPA oc­cur­ring and DPA, vi­ta­mins and A and D. It pro­motes the body’s abil­ity to over­come stress­ful ac­tiv­ity that and health. can dull The your wild ap­pear­ance cod are line-caught, then flash-frozen to pre­serve their com­pre­hen­sive nu­tri­tional pro­file. A burst of heat is used to re­move im­pu­ri­ties with­out harsh sol­vents.

Multi Task­ing mois­ture

SheaMois­ture Ul­tra Hy­dra­tion 100% Raw Shea But­ter This mois­tur­izer fea­tures 100 per­cent raw, un­re­fined shea but­ter that’s ex­tracted with­out the use of chem­i­cals. It helps re­pair hair and skin with es­sen­tial fatty acids, an­tiox­i­dants, and vi­ta­mins A and D. Shea but­ter soothes dry skin, ad­dresses dam­aged hair, and treats stretch marks, chapped lips, rough cu­ti­cles, brit­tle nails, and more. The smooth, non-greasy for­mula con­tains no min­eral oil, no parabens, no sul­fates, and no an­i­mal test­ing. Get glow­ing Nu­bian Her­itage Co­conut & Pa­paya Hand & Body Scrub Co­conut oil cleanses and mois­tur­izes even the dri­est skin and hair. Packed with fatty acids, an­tiox­i­dant-rich vi­ta­min E, and min­er­als, co­conut oil heals and pre­vents dry, cracked skin. Pa­paya is rich in vi­ta­mins, min­er­als, and an­tiox­i­dants. To­gether these trop­i­cal fruits nour­ish and re­hy­drate skin. This sugar scrub also con­tains shea but­ter and vanilla

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