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In our in­sta­gramp­in­ter­esthouzz crazy world, so much of home build­ing is about the pic­tures.

Who doesn’t love pic­tures? They set off tiny sat­is­fac­tion buzzers in our visual cor­tex.

Like pretty little desserts at a party. But re­ally, should you choose an ar­chi­tect based solely on eye candy? We think there ought to be a bit more meat be­hind the de­ci­sion. Read on for meat.


here goes: No mat­ter how lovely, a pho­to­graph can’t fully ex­press the feel, char­ac­ter and thought­ful­ness of a home. What it’s like to live and move inside it, the flow from room to room, the con­nec­tion to the land, the balance of open­ness and warmth. A photo can’t even tell you that all the fur­ni­ture in the room was shoved to one side to get that sin­gle shot. Nor can a photo tell you how thick the walls feel and whether the win­dows are sim­ple cutouts or cre­ate ves­sels for the light to play–on walls and floors and ceil­ings as the sun trav­els across the sky. Th­ese are just some of the things we con­sider when we de­sign a home for you. We en­ter the process with no pre­con­cep­tions, no style that we hope to repli­cate over and over. We en­ter the process full of cu­rios­ity and ques­tions. It’s your house after all, not ours.

We con­sider, along with you, how your home con­nects to the world beyond it. Not just the site it’s built on, but the neigh­bor­hood that sur­rounds it, the nat­u­ral world. Does it feel like it could have been there for­ever, and should be there for­ever? Or at least the next 100 years? – We think that’s im­por­tant.

Our clients don’t choose us be­cause they want a home that’s more os­ten­ta­tious than their neighbor’s, but be­cause they want to cre­ate some­thing per­sonal and mean­ing­ful. A place of sub­stance. They care about de­tails–not just in the most-vis­i­ble spa­ces, but through­out. All the way to the spare bed­room or the rum­pus room.

Are you still read­ing? Yes? Thank you! (Clearly, you have the at­ten­tion span to be a TEA2 client.) If you’d like to read (even) more about how we ap­proach de­sign­ing a home, please take a look at our web­site. Most of the pic­tures are big­ger than 3x3.

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