A Gag­gle of Pen­guins

American Senior - - THE LAST LAUGH -

One day, a man drove into a gas sta­tion. When the at­ten­dant went to fill his tank, he no­ticed five pen­guins in the back seat. The at­ten­dant asked, “Why do you have five pen­guins in your car?”

The driver re­sponded, “The darnedest thing! I just stopped at a light back there and they climbed into my car. Now I don’t know what to do!”

The at­ten­dant thought for a sec­ond and said, “I’ll tell you what I would do—I’d take them to the zoo.”

The driver said, “That’s a good idea—I’ll do that!”

A week later, the driver pulled into the same gas sta­tion and the at­ten­dant again saw the five pen­guins in the back seat, only now they were wear­ing sun­glasses. The at­ten­dant asked, “What hap­pened? I thought I told you to take those pen­guins to the zoo?”

“We did go, and we had a great time! To­day, we’re go­ing to the beach!”

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