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The Bra­zos Back­pack from Fly­ing Cir­cle Gear is the ul­ti­mate tac­ti­cal pack for mil­i­tary, con­cealed carry and recre­ational use. Sport­ing more than 20 in­di­vid­ual pock­ets, the Bra­zos pack is built around a hid­den “pass-through” back pocket that is ideal for con­cealed carry of a firearm. Fes­tooned with MOLLE web­bing and in­clud­ing hook-and-loop patches for name tapes and "cool guy" stuff, the Bra­zos pack can be dressed up or down to suit any en­vi­ron­ment.

The spa­cious cen­ter com­part­ments are ad­e­quate for tot­ing a lap­top com­puter ... or a tiny car­bine. Com­pres­sion straps keep the bag as small as pos­si­ble, while padded shoul­der straps are mesh lined for com­fort and mois­ture man­age­ment. The Bra­zos pack is lit­er­ally packed with fea­tures and comes avail­able in both black and coy­ote tan. It mea­sures 16.5x19x12 inches when fully ex­panded and ac­cepts most any stan­dard hy­dra­tion sys­tem.

A great pack such as this can lit­er­ally be your home away from home. Back when I wore the uni­form, I could break down a cou­ple of MRES, ar­range a lit­tle minimalist gear and live out of such a bag for a cou­ple of days in a pinch.

Plan your load­out, and pack care­fully. In­clude a water fil­ter, some shelf-sta­ble calo­ries, a fire starter, some­thing warm, a de­cent weapon and some spare mag­a­zines to ef­fec­tively in­oc­u­late your­self against the un­pleas­ant re­al­i­ties of life. Put one to­gether for each mem­ber of your fam­ily, and you can be mo­bile in a mo­ment’s no­tice when faced with threats rang­ing from an an­gry mob to ter­ror­ists to weather gone wild.

True, we live in some of the most dis­cour­ag­ing times in Amer­i­can his­tory, but that doesn’t mean you have to just roll over and die. Get some gear, get your mind around the prob­lem, and make a plan.


The Bra­zos pack from Fly­ing Cir­cle Tac­ti­cal de­mands its own unique man­ual of arms. Slip a soft ar­mor panel from Pa­triot Ar­mor into the back of the thing, along with your weapon and sundry gear. Noth­ing will be easy to ac­cess with the pack on your back. How­ever, when faced with a threat, you quickly re­verse the pack onto your front, and ev­ery­thing be­comes handy.

The Bra­zos pack is com­fort­able when worn on the chest; and in this con­fig­u­ra­tion (with an ar­mor panel in­stalled), it pro­vides splen­did bal­lis­tic pro­tec­tion. Your sidearm is in­stantly ac­ces­si­ble from either side, and there is plenty of space for spare ammo. The pack ma­neu­vers quickly and doesn’t get in the way.

I have scads of tac­ti­cal bags, and you can tell at a glance which ones are “war wor­thy” and which ones are not. Ev­ery joint on the Bra­zos bag is heavy, re­in­forced and stout. The com­po­nents are well rea­soned, and the ac­cou­ter­ments, such as zip­pers and pouches, are bat­tle­ship tough. Wide shoul­der straps make the bag easy to tote, and the trans­for­ma­tion from book bag to tac­ti­cal tool takes maybe four sec­onds.

The Fly­ing Cir­cle Tac­ti­cal Bra­zos bag is the good stuff.

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