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Bore sight: The process of align­ing an op­tic with the bar­rel us­ing a muz­zle-mounted de­vice to make the sight-in process eas­ier Cham­fer: Breaks the sharp edges of the cham­ber. Com­monly done for re­volvers Checker: Criss-cross tex­ture pat­tern for en­hanced grip

Cock­ing ser­ra­tions: Ridges added for ma­nip­u­lat­ing the slide

Crown­ing a bar­rel: Con­toured cut at the end of the bar­rel that im­proves ac­cu­racy and pro­vides pro­tec­tion to the ri­fling

De­horn: The process that re­moves ex­te­rior sharp edges for more-com­fort­able con­cealed-carry of pis­tols/re­volvers Fail­ure to ex­tract: A mal­func­tion that causes a cham­bered round to re­main in the cham­ber when the ac­tion is cy­cled Fail­ure to feed: A mal­func­tion that causes a round to jam in the firearm’s ac­tion in­stead of load­ing in the cham­ber

Free-float bar­rel: Elim­i­nates con­tact be­tween the bar­rel and stock to im­prove har­mon­ics and ac­cu­racy

In the white: The un­fin­ished state of a pis­tol prior to re­fin­ish­ing

It’s on the bench: This trans­lates to, “Your firearm isn’t done yet. We’ll call you when it’s ready.”

Jewel­ing: A pol­ish­ing pat­tern done on ri­fle bolts and ac­tions to in­crease aes­thet­ics for a sim­i­lar rea­son chrome is added to a Har­leydavid­son

Kiss it up: A light touch with a file, pol­ish­ing wheel or stone to re­move just enough ma­te­rial— but not too much Pol­ish feed ramp: Im­proves re­li­a­bil­ity by elim­i­nat­ing any rough sur­face a bul­let could get hung up on

Scal­lop: Ma­chined tex­ture sim­i­lar to rep­tile scales Stip­ple: Tex­tured fin­ish achieved with a sol­der­ing iron

Re­li­a­bil­ity Pack­age: Process via which the firearm is in­spected to see what is mak­ing it un­re­li­able; in­cludes feed­ing, fir­ing and ejec­tion is­sues

Trig­ger job: En­hances the feel of the trig­ger pull and can in­clude light­en­ing trig­ger pull, re­duc­ing re­set travel, re­mov­ing grit­ti­ness, etc.

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