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When asked about the ef­fec­tive­ness of Tasers and stun guns, a cor­rec­tions of­fi­cer I know said that they do work but not to count on them to be ef­fec­tive ev­ery time.

Heavy cloth­ing can keep them from work­ing— but that isn’t the most sig­nif­i­cant prob­lem.

The worst-case sce­nario is also the one in which you re­ally do need it to work ev­ery time; and that is when some­one is high on drugs and doesn’t have the nor­mal re­ac­tion to pain and elec­tri­cal shock. When they are that high, they can de­velop a su­per­hu­man kind of strength and re­sis­tance against which stun guns,

Tasers and other mea­sures are in­ef­fec­tive. So, re­mem­ber to have your plans B, C and D ready in case you need them.

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