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To­day, beer is en­joyed by lit­er­ally bil­lions around the globe; but, in many ways, it is be­cause of the Lit­tle Ice Age, which be­gan around the year 1300.

Prior to this time, wine-mak­ing in

Europe thrived, be­cause grapes grew in abun­dance, even in south­ern Eng­land.

Then, with the ar­rival of the colder cli­mate, the vine­yards failed, and wine pro­duc­tion fell. The hearty Euro­peans weren’t about to give up al­co­hol, how­ever. Turn­ing to grains, which were plen­ti­ful and could en­dure bit­ter cold, they brewed beer and dis­tilled hard al­co­hol.

The fer­men­ta­tion process that had been per­fected for wine pro­duc­tion was used for the brew­ing of beer and spir­its such as whiskey. In­stead of Ger­man wines, there was now Ger­man beer—some­thing that came to the New World with the early im­mi­grants. Like­wise, in­stead of Bri­tish wines, there was now Ir­ish and Scotch whisky. (Cheers to that!)

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