SOG Flint Multi-tool

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Small enough for your pants pocket or at­tached to a lan­yard, the Flint is per­fect for cre­at­ing fire in cold, win­tery weather. Con­tained within its durable, pen­cil-sized frame is an in­te­grated fire-starter and steel wool tin­der com­part­ment. Its car­bide tip can be used to shat­ter glass, and you can use the built-in whis­tle to sig­nal for help when you’re lost or stranded in the snow. Good things come in small pack­ages, and this item doesn’t dis­ap­point.


• Over­all length: 4.3 inches

• Weight: .70 ounce

• Ma­chined alu­minum with black-an­odized fin­ish • Com­pact, pocket-sized de­sign

MSRP $20


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