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The way a snow­shoe works is a mat­ter of sim­ple me­chan­ics. Just as the lynx and snow­shoe hare’s wide feet allow them to cross deep snow, snowshoes allow hu­mans to do the same thing by dis­tribut­ing the wearer’s weight over a big­ger area. This weight dis­tri­bu­tion keeps the hunter, hare or lynx from sink­ing into the snow. The larger the snowshoes’ sur­face ar­eas, the more weight they can dis­trib­ute and carry.

Walk­ing in snowshoes takes a lit­tle prac­tice. While you walk as you nor­mally would— one foot at a time—you need to spread your legs apart a lit­tle more than usual to keep the shoes from hitting each other when you take a step. The wider the shoe, the wider you need to spread your legs.

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