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Quite a few com­pa­nies have hol­sters to fit the Honor Guard—from Alien Gear to Cross­breed and even cus­tom maker Milt Sparks. In fact, this com­pact 9mm pistol will fit in most hol­sters de­signed for the Smith & Wes­son M&P Shield.

Be­cause of the time of year (it was start­ing to get pretty hot), I de­cided to go with a Galco Stow-n-go for the Honor Guard. This IWB leather hol­ster is small, light and eas­ily in­ter­change­able be­tween jeans and shorts—two main­stays of sum­mer. Even bet­ter, its sim­ple, low-pro­file de­sign makes it eas­ily cov­ered by pretty much any­thing, in­clud­ing light T-shirts.

Ob­tain­ing a firm grip and draw­ing the Honor Guard from the Stow-n-go was sim­ple, even when try­ing to im­ple­ment stress into drills. Re­hol­ster­ing wasn’t much harder, be­cause the neu­tral-cant hol­ster comes with a metal-re­in­forced mouth. How­ever, the soft steer hide be­low the mouth does col­lapse un­der a belt, re­quir­ing a lit­tle push at the back of the slide to fully seat the gun into the hol­ster.

The only ac­ces­sory I could find for the Honor Guard was a Crim­son Trace Laser­guard, which is avail­able stan­dard from Honor De­fense and af­ter­mar­ket. There re­ally isn’t much else avail­able other than spare mag­a­zines.

Of course, the Honor Guard doesn’t re­ally need much, be­cause it comes with easy-to-use con­trols and ex­cel­lent sights. It could pos­si­bly use a trig­ger job, but over­all, the Honor Guard is an ex­cel­lent con­cealed-carry hand­gun.

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