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The char­ac­ter­is­tics of cot­ton fab­ric make it an ex­cel­lent fab­ric for warm or mod­er­ate weather. It ab­sorbs mois­ture eas­ily, so you don’t feel sweaty. It is soft to the touch, so it feels nice against the skin, and it does not hold in heat like wool or syn­thet­ics do.

Sadly, these same char­ac­ter­is­tics can be­come deadly as the weather turns colder and damper. Cot­ton will keep your per­spi­ra­tion against your skin, and as soon as your ac­tiv­ity level drops, you’ll have cold liq­uid against your skin—thus, chill­ing you. This will con­stantly sap heat from your body and lead to hy­pother­mia, which can kill you. So, cold-weather cloth­ing made from cot­ton, such as cargo pants, blue jeans or flan­nel shirts, should be left at home and not worn.

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