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The first part of any NRA mag­a­zine I nor­mally turn to is the sec­tion that con­tains news clip­pings about peo­ple who used their firearms to pro­tect them­selves or oth­ers dur­ing bur­glar­ies, home in­va­sions, mug­gings or rob­beries. These all end with the per­son who used their 2A rights not be­ing charged. These are all good sto­ries, heart­warm­ing in some ways, but they are not the whole story.

A deeper look into the lit­tle bits of news in your local pa­per will also show you cases in which some­one who thought they were do­ing the right thing—who thought they were within their rights—found them­selves in prison for as­sault or mur­der. Oth­ers have found them­selves com­ing out on top legally, but only after spend­ing months in the legal sys­tem and thou­sands of dol­lars.

The ax­iom, “Dis­cre­tion is the bet­ter part of valor,” takes on a new mean­ing in these sit­u­a­tions. Know the laws in your ju­ris­dic­tion. Know what to do and say in the im­me­di­ate af­ter­math of a shoot­ing. And keep your cool.

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