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In my trav­els, I have never seen an of­fi­cer or gov­ern­ment of­fi­cial look side­ways at me for us­ing or hav­ing in my pos­ses­sion a Swiss Army knife. Even in coun­tries where knives are not al­lowed in checked lug­gage that is com­ing in, they are widely ac­cepted. For some rea­son, the red knife and shield in­stantly dis­arm peo­ple, putting them at ease. In the Philip­pines, where knife carry is not per­mit­ted in cities, I asked a po­lice of­fi­cer if my Wenger Trav­eler knife was OK. He said, “Of course it’s OK. It’s not a weapon; it’s a Swiss Army knife! All trav­el­ers have them.” Some coun­tries have X-ray ma­chines lo­cated in­side the air­port en­try for de­par­tures. These ma­chines are used to screen for weapons and drugs. Even so, I have never been sin­gled out for hav­ing a Swiss Army knife—only for small fixed blades, which are con­sid­ered weapons (dag­gers) by them.

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