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Pamela Falk: "The Dirty Bomb Threat: Too Dan­ger­ous to Do Noth­ing," For­eign Af­fairs, April 4, 2017

The au­thor deals with dirty bombs in great de­tail in chap­ter 6 of his lat­est book, Nu­clear Ter­ror: The Bomb and Other Weapons of Mass De­struc­tion in the Wrong Hands, pub­lished by Pen and Sword Books; March 2018.

The web­site, http://bel­­eas/nu­clear-is­sues, will give the reader a sober­ing pic­ture of what has been go­ing on, legally and il­le­gally, since So­viet times, with re­gard to the dis­man­tling of nu­clear sub­marines on the Kola Penin­sula.

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