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Wind and wa­ter are some of the most re­li­able sources of power there are. There is no fuel to worry about, and the best news is that you can make de­vices that har­ness their power from items you might have around the home or can read­ily ob­tain.

For both, you will need some way of con­vert­ing the en­ergy cre­ated by their move­ment into elec­tric power. For that, you will need some sort of gen­er­a­tor and a con­verter. The gen­er­a­tor can be a re-tasked au­to­mo­bile gen­er­a­tor or al­ter­na­tor that you can pick up at a junk­yard. The con­verter, which turns DC to AC, can come off an old travel trailer. You’ll need to have this de­vice, be­cause house­hold cur­rent is AC.

Cap­tur­ing this power is fairly sim­ple, and there are lit­er­ally hun­dreds of ways to put it to­gether. There are plans avail­able, or you can de­sign your own. Just do some re­search, and then use what works for you.

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