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Ir­ma (Ir­mi) Kainz (Hrusch­ka), 73, di­ed peace­ful­ly with her child­ren by her si­de on De­cem­ber 26, 2016 in Mel­bourne, Flo­ri­da af­ter a brief strugg­le with can­cer.

Ir­mi was born March 6, 1943 in Vi­en­na, Aus­tria, the daugh­ter of the la­te Fried­rich Hrush­cka and Eleo­no­re (El­li) Hrusch­ka (von Kro­piw­ni­cki), step­daugh­ter of the la­te Jo­se­fa Hi­num (Hrusch­ka). Ir­mi was pre­de­cea­sed by her lo­ving hus­band, Ge­rald (Ger­ry) Ru­dolph Kainz, in 2013.

Short­ly af­ter birth, Ir­mi mo­ved with her fa­mi­ly to the small town of Frei­stadt, Aus­tria, whe­re she spent her youth and school ye­ars. Af­ter com­ple­ting gram­mar school in 1961, Ir­mi worked as an au pair with a fa­mi­ly in Ox­ford, En­g­land and then in Ed­mon­ton, Al­ber­ta Ca­na­da. She then be­gan her stu­dies at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Vi­en­na in Sep­tem­ber 1963, gra­dua­ting on Ju­ne 12, 1968 with her Mas­ters in Eng­lish Stu­dies.

Af­ter gra­dua­ti­on, she worked in the of­fice of the Vi­en­nese Frem­den­ver­kehrs­stel­le (Tou­rist In­for­ma­ti­on Ser­vices Of­fice) as an In­ter­pre­ter, at­ten­ding con­certs and din­ners with for­eign tou­rism re­pre­sen­ta­ti­ves, through March 1970.

Ir­mi met Ger­ry on the in­au­gu­ral flight of the Aus­tri­an Air­line to Tel Aviv in Sep­tem­ber 1969 and, short­ly the­re­af­ter, im­mi­gra­ted to the Uni­ted Sta­tes, whe­re they mar­ried on Sep­tem­ber 10, 1970. She spent the next 40 ye­ars working along­s­ide Ger­ry in his ca­pa­ci­ty as Pu­blis­her/Edi­tor/Pre­si­dent of the „Wa­shing­ton Jour­nal“, a weekly Ger­man-lan­gua­ge news­pa­per that be­ca­me Wa­shing­ton D.C.’s ol­dest news­pa­per (sin­ce 1859) af­ter the Wa­shing­ton Star fol­ded.

Ma­ny knew Ir­mi to be the back­bone of the pa­per. She ti­re­less­ly worked in her ro­le as Co-Edi­tor to cu­ra­te con­tent and en­su­re the pa­per was pu­blis­hed each week, whi­le al­so re­mai­ning ac­tive in the Ger­man com­mu­ni­ty of Wa­shing­ton D.C.

Whi­le working full time, Ir­mi was a hands on mo­ther rai­sing her three child­ren and sup­porting them as they tried new things. She was a fix­tu­re at their va­rious ex­tra­cur­ri­cu­lar ac­tivi­ties, ne­ver mis­sing soc­cer ga­mes and other sporting events, and at ti­mes tra­ve­ling up and down the east co­ast to cha­pe­ro­ne and at­tend tho­se ga­mes.

Ir­mi rea­di­ly opened the Kainz home to her child­ren’s fri­ends, who spent count­less hours at the re­si­dence. Ir­mi brought the fa­mi­ly to Aus­tria ever y se­veral ye­ars to vi­sit im­me­dia­te and ex­ten­ded fa­mi­ly in Frei­stadt and throughout the coun­try, and she car­ri­ed on and pas­sed along her fa­vo­ri­te Aus­tri­an ga­mes and foods such as Bau­ern­schnap­sen, Va­nil­le­kip­ferl, Lin­zer­t­or­te and Gu­lasch. She loved being ac­tive, and be­gan wal­king, run­ning and swim­ming dai­ly in the mid-1980s, ha­ving be­en in­spi­red by her child­ren’s lo­ve of run­ning.

Upon re­ti­ring in 2000, Ir­mi and Ger­ry mo­ved to In­dia­l­an­tic, Flo­ri­da, whe­re Ir­mi quick­ly found a new pas­si­on – bow­ling. She be­ca­me im­mer­sed in se­veral bow­ling le­agues and de­ve­l­o­ped clo­se fri­ends in the com­mu­ni­ty. Throughout her re­ti­re­ment, she con­ti­nued to tho­rough­ly en­joy her dai­ly walks and runs, both on the beach and in the Clois­ters neigh­borhood whe­re she li­ved. She em­bra­ced new tech­no­lo­gy and was a for­mi­da­ble „Words with Fri­ends“com­pe­ti­tor, play­ing mul­ti­ple ga­mes dai­ly.

Ir­mi had a zest for li­fe throughout, and will be re­mem­be­red as a strong, in­de­pen­dent, com­pas­sio­na­te and vi­brant wo­man with a pas­si­on for do­ing things on her own terms.

Ir­mi is sur­vi­ved by her sis­ter Il­se Mödlham­mer (Ernst), and her lo­ving child­ren Ro­bert Ge­rald Kainz (Andrea) of North Ca­ro­li­na, Tho­mas Micha­el Kainz (Ta­ra) of Vir­gi­nia, and Ka­ren Kainz LoDi­co of New Jer­sey; and her grand­child­ren Oli­via, Lau­ren, Kyle and Vin­cent, who ado­red her.

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