Words for Pic­tures: The Art and Busi­ness of Writ­ing Comics and Graphic Nov­els

Animation Magazine - - Frame- By- Frame - By Brian Michael Bendis [Wat­son- Gup­till, $24.99]

Penned by best-sell­ing Marvel Comics writer Bendis, this guide crams years of comics biz knowl­edge into less than 300 pages. In it, Bendis re­veals the tools and tech­niques he and other top-of-their-game cre­ators use to whip up hit sto­ries for the genre, guid­ing as­pir­ing comick­ers through the process from idea to script to fin­ished se­quen­tial art. Of course, th­ese are il­lus­trated with ex­am­ples from pop­u­lar ti­tles like The Avengers, Ul­ti­mate Spi­der-Man and Un­canny X-Men, to name a few. In ad­di­tion to a fore­word from the leg­endary Joe Que­sada, Bendis also pulls in other artists and writ­ers to of­fer tips and ob­ser­va­tions on the cre­ative process and the comics busi­ness through­out. Script sam­ples, a glos­sary of in­dus­try terms and in­ter­ac­tive writ­ing ex­er­cises of­fer a jump­start for the next gen­er­a­tion of scribes.

25Happy birth­day to the inim­itable Tim Bur­ton!

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