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Stu­dio: Filme de Pa­pel Di­rec­tor: Alê Abreu Re­lease Date: Jan. 17 (Brazil) Synop­sis: A young boy named Cuca liv­ing in a re­mote vil­lage in a myth­i­cal coun­try sees his fa­ther de­part on a train to an un­known cap­i­tal in search of work. The boy is be­sieged with an­guished mem­o­ries un­til one night a breath of wind car­ries him to a dis­tant land. The film won the Best Fea­ture Cristal at An­necy this year. Stu­dio: Plymp­toons Di­rec­tor: Bill Plymp­ton Re­lease Date: Aug. 15 (limited) Synop­sis: This cyn­i­cal love story fol­lows beau­ti­ful Ella, whose hus­band Jake is tricked into think­ing she has been un­faith­ful and re­tal­i­ates with his own af­fairs. Ini­tially out for re­venge, Ella en­coun­ters a ma­gi­cian with a mag­i­cal ma­chine that al­lows her to to tem­po­rar­ily trans­port her con­scious­ness into the bod­ies of Jake’s mis­tresses. Stu­dio: Pro­duc­tion I.G Distrib­u­tor: Warner Bros. In­ter­na­tional Di­rec­tor: Mizuho Nishikubo Re­lease Date: Feb. 22 (Ja­pan) Synop­sis: A fic­tion­al­iza­tion of the Kuril Is­lands dis­pute, the film cen­ters on brothers Jun­pei and Kanta grow­ing up on a small north­ern is­land un­der Soviet op­pres­sion dur­ing and after World War II. De­spite the na­tion­al­is­tic strug­gles of the adults, they be­friend a young Rus­sian girl — but they can­not fend off the cru­elty and dis­trust of the world around them for long. Gio­vanni’s Is­land won a Spe­cial Dis­tinc­tion at An­necy. Stu­dio: Ex­o­dus Film Group Distrib­u­tor: Mag­no­lia Pic­tures Di­rec­tor: Frank Glad­stone Re­lease Date: Oct. 3 (limited) Box Of­fice: $32k Synop­sis: A many hued ad­ven­ture fol­low­ing a group of crayons that come mag­i­cally to life at night. Yel­low, a very timid crayon, ac­ci­den­tally sum­mons two evil un­fin­ished draw­ings known as King Scrawl and his side­kick Nat, and now the crayons must act fast to save their town be­fore their col­ors fade. Stu­dio: Sum­mer­time Ent., Prana Stu­dios Distrib­u­tor: Clarius Ent.

Will Finn, Dan St. Direc­tors: Pierre Re­lease Date: May 9 Box Of­fice: $18.7m ($8.5m) Synop­sis: Dorothy Gale re­turns to the land of Oz to help save her old Yel­low Brick Road crew and the rest of the king­dom from a mega­lo­ma­ni­a­cal Jester with the help of some new pals, in­clud­ing a China doll princess, a marsh­mal­low man, a wise owl and a faith­ful old tug boat. Stu­dio: Rover Distrib­u­tor: Open Road Films Di­rec­tor: Peter Lepe­ni­o­tis Re­lease Date: Jan. 17 Box Of­fice: $110.3m ($64.3m) Synop­sis: When Surly’s self­ish schem­ing gets him ban­ished from the park and he’s forced to sur­vive in the city, the nut store he tar­gets for a de­li­cious heist turns out to be a crim­i­nal hang out. Slap­stick hi­jinx un­cover a plot by the park crit­ters’ leader, and Surly be­comes an un­likely hero just in time for win­ter. Stu­dio: Dis­neyToon Distrib­u­tor: Dis­ney Di­rec­tor: Signe Bau­mane Re­lease Date: Aug. 22 (Latvia) Synop­sis: A pow­er­ful, per­sonal ex­plo­ration of men­tal ill­ness and hered­ity, re­lat­ing the sto­ries of women in Bau­mane’s fam­ily and their strug­gles, and her own ques­tions about her men­tal fit­ness, with surreal and metaphor­i­cal im­agery. This fea­ture film de­but has been en­tered by Latvia as its For­eign Lan­guage Os­car con­tender.

Todd Wil­der­man (DreamWorks An­i­ma­tion) Type of An­i­ma­tion: CG Story: This four-minute pre­lude to Home fol­lows the Boov race of aliens and their leader, Cap­tain Smek, as they search for a hos­pitable planet to take over. Ran with: Frank Mosvold (Norway) Type of An­i­ma­tion: CG Story: Bendik en­coun­ters ev­ery child’s night­mare: a mon­ster liv­ing un­der his bed! But when the mon­ster re­veals his se­cret dream of be­com­ing a singer, the boy does all he can to help this un­usual beast achieve its goal. Qual­i­fy­ing Win: Best An­i­ma­tion Daisy Ja­cobs (U.K.) Type of An­i­ma­tion: Story: A unique blend of in­ven­tive tech­niques brings to life this some­what surreal slice-of-life short, which also took home the grad­u­ate film Cristal at An­necy this year. Qual­i­fy­ing Win: Hiroshima In­ter­na­tional An­i­ma­tion Fes­ti­val — Grand Prize Mike Ambs, Paul Foy­der, Gino Roy, Greg Shewchuk, Whit­field Schei­deg­ger (U.S.) Type of An­i­ma­tion: Stop-mo­tion Story: Pre­sented by Dis­ney, this mini-scale ad­ven­ture fol­lows an un­painted vinyl fig­ure in search of his lost soul mate who finds him­self on a quest that al­ters the des­tiny of his en­tire world. Qual­i­fy­ing Win: — Best An­i­ma­tion Tarik Ab­del-Gawad (U.S.) Type of An­i­ma­tion: Live-ac­tion/CG hy­brid Story: This in­no­va­tive film is an elab­o­rately co­or­di­nated per­for­mance — en­tirely cap­tured in-cam­era — ex­plor­ing the syn­the­sis of real and dig­i­tal space us­ing project map­ping on mov­ing sur­faces, robots and live ac­tors. Qual­i­fy­ing Win: SIGGRAPH Com­puter An­i­ma­tion Fes­ti­val — Best in Show Ivan Maximov (Rus­sia) Type of An­i­ma­tion: 2D Story: In a sea­side vil­lage in­hab­ited by odd an­thro­po­mor­phic crea­tures, a lone fish­er­man en­coun­ters two eggs about to hatch in a bas­ket. Strangely, a baby ele­phant hatches and im­prints on the fish­er­man. When the sec­ond ele­phant hatches and their parental fig­ure van­ishes, the lit­tle crea­tures search him out to the edges of re­al­ity. Qual­i­fy­ing Win: Tam­pere Film Fes­ti­val — In­ter­na­tional Grand Prix Alan Holly (Ire­land) Type of An­i­ma­tion: 2D Story: Pro­fes­sional-grade an­i­ma­tion lends color and graphic flair to this story of a lost soul stum­bling through the city, of­fer­ing a visual jour­ney through his life’s epi­logue un­til death catches up. Qual­i­fy­ing Win: SXSW — Jury Award for An­i­mated Short Pe­dro Solís Gar­cía (Spain) Type of An­i­ma­tion: CG Story: The kid-friendly short cen­ters on the friend­ship be­tween two spe­cial chil­dren — Maria, a young or­phaned girl, and her new class­mate Ni­co­las, a boy with cere­bral palsy. Qual­i­fy­ing Win: Goya Award — Best Short An­i­ma­tion Pa­trick Os­borne, pro­duced by Kristina Reed (Dis­ney) Type of An­i­ma­tion: drawn 2D Story: The story of one man’s love life, as seen through the eyes of his dog and best friend Win­ston, re­vealed bite by bite through the meals they share. Ran with: Jerzy Ku­cia (Poland) Type of An­i­ma­tion: Story: This poetic work is in­spired by the re­la­tion­ship be­tween images and mu­sic, evok­ing feel­ings and seek­ing out land­scape speci­ficity by re­count­ing events that have taken place in a given scene. Qual­i­fy­ing Win: Krakow Film Fes­ti­val — Golden Dragon for Best Short Film Yoriko Mizushiri (Ja­pan) Type of An­i­ma­tion: 2D Story: A sen­su­ous pas­tel feast for the senses is stirred as the tra­di­tional Ja­panese fu­ton morphs and lazily stretches to take on the as­pects of a range of life’s sim­plest, most stir­ring plea­sures. Qual­i­fy­ing Win: An­ima — Grand Prix

Tor Fruer­gaard (Den­mark) Type of An­i­ma­tion: 2D Story: This twisted com­ing-of-age tale stars Fabian, whose awk­ward ado­les­cence is not helped by his dom­i­neer­ing mother — a vet­eri­nar­ian who rel­ishes neu­ter­ing dogs to “calm their urges.” It’s not un­til feisty Feli­cia vis­its the clinic that Fabian gets an idea of what those urges may be. Qual­i­fy­ing Win: Odense In­ter­na­tional Film Fes­ti­val — Best Dan­ish Short Piotr Du­mala (Poland) Type of An­i­ma­tion: Hand-drawn Story: This con­fronta­tional film is an im­pas­sioned ad­dress to is­sues of rape cul­ture and vi­o­lence against women il­lus­trated by a male group’s as­sault on a bathing party. Qual­i­fy­ing Win: Ot­tawa In­ter­na­tional An­i­ma­tion Fes­ti­val — Grand Prize for In­de­pen­dent Short Iria Lopez (U.K./Spain) Type of An­i­ma­tion: 2D Story: Tra­di­tion­ally an­i­mated over silkscreened back­grounds, this com­ing-ofage tale cen­ters on José, a teenage boy and the only pig in his fam­ily. When a new neigh­bor moves in next door, José be­gins to come to terms with who he re­ally is. Qual­i­fy­ing Win: New York In­ter­na­tional Chil­dren’s Film Fes­ti­val — Best An­i­mated Short Cris­tian Guer­reschi (Den­mark) Type of An­i­ma­tion: CG Story: A young jan­i­tor imag­ines him­self in a high stakes bat­tle in the empty can­vas of a cu­bi­cle farm after the work­ing stiffs go home. Qual­i­fy­ing Win: An­ima Mundi — Popular Jury Yumi Joung (South Korea) Type of An­i­ma­tion: 2D Story: Stark, il­lus­tra­tive, black-and-white char­ac­ters ex­plore the na­ture of young, im­ma­ture love through the de­vice of sim­ple chil­dren’s games. Qual­i­fy­ing Win: Grand Prix Jeon Da­hee (France) Type of An­i­ma­tion: Hand-drawn and dig­i­tal Story: The portly, pon­der­ous man on the chair is caught in an ex­is­ten­tial cri­sis, doubt­ing the truth of his own ex­is­tence. Is he merely a self-cre­ated il­lu­sion, or per­haps an im­age crafted by oth­ers? Qual­i­fy­ing Win: An­necy Cristal Joseph Ox­ford (U.S.) Type of An­i­ma­tion: Story: This painstak­ingly crafted “card­board love story” is as heartrend­ing as it is in­ven­tive, telling the story of two box per­sons, liv­ing and loving in their cor­ru­gated world. Qual­i­fy­ing Win: Aspen Shorts­fest — Best An­i­ma­tion Luc Perez (Den­mark) Type of An­i­ma­tion:

Mixed me­dia Story: Abdu, a young Malian, leaves his home­land for a new life in Europe. His jour­ney takes him to the Niger River and the barbed wire of Ceuta, where dreams are con­fronted by harsh re­al­ity. Qual­i­fy­ing Win: Flick­er­Fest — Best An­i­ma­tion Eion Duffy (Ire­land) Type of An­i­ma­tion: Story: The lilt­ing jaunt of a chil­dren’s sto­ry­book takes in­creas­ingly mo­rose turns as an op­ti­mistic squir­rel sets out to find his scarf and tries to help his fel­low for­est crit­ters along the way. Qual­i­fy­ing Win: San Francisco In­ter­na­tional Film Fes­ti­val — Golden Gate Award for An­i­mated Short Bran­don Olden­burg, Wil­liam Joyce (U.S.) Type of An­i­ma­tion: CG Story: It’s Fritz Lang’s Me­trop­o­lis … for kids! Friends 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 grow weary of their black and white, num­bers-only world and set out to cre­ate the al­pha­bet and bring in color, cre­ativ­ity and jelly­beans. Qual­i­fy­ing Win: Cleve­land In­ter­na­tional Film Fes­ti­val — Best An­i­mated Short Film

Stephen Ir­win (U.K.) Type of An­i­ma­tion: Dig­i­tal 2D Story: Ir­win’s twisted vi­brance is in fine fet­tle for this de­mented bed­time story, nar­rated by a fluffy bunny who bears wit­ness to a young girl clean­ing up after her par­ents are bru­tally mur­dered. Qual­i­fy­ing Win: Krakow Film Fes­ti­val — Sil­ver Dragon for Best Short An­i­ma­tion Santiago “Bou” Grasso (Ar­gentina) Type of An­i­ma­tion: Stop-mo­tion Story: This psy­cho­log­i­cal drama cen­ters on a woman whose whole life is ded­i­cated to the care of her dig­ni­tary fa­ther. Her dis­mal daily rou­tine is punc­tu­ated by the mock­ing ring of a clock. Qual­i­fy­ing Win: En­coun­ters Film Fes­ti­val — An­i­mated Grand Prix Gerd Gock­ell (Ger­many/Switzer­land) Type of An­i­ma­tion: Ex­per­i­men­tal Story: Pix­e­la­tion tech­niques meet mono­chrome ab­stract paint­ing in this tightrope walk be­tween the rec­og­niz­able and the in­scrutable. Qual­i­fy­ing Win: An­necy Jury Award for Short Film Kim Ju-im (S. Korea) Type of An­i­ma­tion: 2D Story: A common of­fice chair un­rav­els its legs and goes on a psy­che­delic vi­sion quest filled with ter­ror and beauty, lead­ing to its trans­for­ma­tion into a lib­er­ated mu­si­cal in­stru­ment. Qual­i­fy­ing Win: Slam­dance — Jury Award for An­i­mated Short

Tib­bitt and Mike Mitchell. Feb. 6. Shaun the Sheep Movie (Aard­man An­i­ma­tions). While a U.S. distrib­u­tor has not been con­firmed, the woolly lit­tle stop-mo­tion hero is popular around the world. Shaun’s first fea­ture out­ing sends him and his flock into the big city to res­cue the hap­less Farmer, tricked by Shaun’s mis­chief into leav­ing the farm. Writ­ten and di­rected by Richard Starzak and Mark Bur­ton, the film fea­tures the voices of Justin Fletcher and John Sparkes. Feb. 6 (U.K.) Home (DreamWorks An­i­ma­tion/ Fox). The adap­ta­tion of Adam Rex’s The True Mean­ing of Smek­day, di­rected by Tim John­son, fea­tures the voices of Ri­hanna and Jim Par­sons as a hu­man teenager and a ban­ished alien who team up to evade the in­ept Boov aliens and their leader Cap­tain Smek (Steve Martin). March 27.

B.O.O.: Bureau of Oth­er­worldly Op­er­a­tions

(DreamWorks An­i­ma­tion/ Fox). Di­rected by Tony Leondis, this su­per­nat­u­ral com­edy stars Seth Ro­gen and Melissa McCarthy as in­trepid ghost-agents for the Bureau who must use their skills to stop an evil spirit (Bill Mur­ray) and his ghost army and save the world. June 5. Inside Out (Dis­ney-Pixar). Pete Doc­ter takes an in­ter­est­ing de­tour from tra­di­tional an­i­ma­tion fare with this psy­cho­log­i­cal story cen­tered on a young girl up­rooted from her Mid­west­ern life when her fa­ther gets a new job in San Francisco. Her in­ner emo­tions Joy (Amy Poehler), Anger (Lewis Black), Dis­gust (Mindy Kal­ing), Fear (Bill Hader) and Sad­ness (Phyl­lis Smith) strive to help her nav­i­gate this new life. June 19. Min­ions (Il­lu­mi­na­tion/ Univer­sal). The popular hench­men from De­spi­ca­ble Me get their own ori­gins ad­ven­ture, di­rected by helmers Pierre Cof­fin and Kyle Balda. After fail­ing all their masters through his­tory, the Min­ions get one last chance with 1960s femme fa­tale Scar­let Overkill (San­dra Bul­lock) and her in­ven­tor hus­band (Jon Hamm). July 10. Ho­tel Tran­syl­va­nia 2 (Sony Pic­tures An­i­ma­tion/Columbia). Gen­ndy Tar­takovsky re­turns to the world’s spook­i­est trav­elodge for more mon­ster may­hem with pro­pri­etor Drac­ula (Adam San­dler), his daugh­ter Mavis (Se­lena Gomez), hap­less hu­man Jonathan (Andy Sam­berg) and the rest of the ho­tel’s creepy clien­tele. Sept. 25. Peanuts (Blue Sky/ Fox). Steve Martino di­rects the firstever CG adap­ta­tion of the popular comic, from a script by Bryan Schulz, Craig Schulz and Cor­nelius Uliano. “Here’s where I lean the­mat­i­cally. I want to go through this jour­ney. ... Charlie Brown is that guy who, in the face of re­peated fail­ure, picks him­self back up and tries again. That’s no small task,” Martino has said of the project. Nov. 6. The Good Di­nosaur (Dis­ney-Pixar). Peter Sohn has taken over the reins from con­cept cre­ator Bob Peter­son for this hu­mor­ous pre-his­tor­i­cal tale of a teenage Apatosaurus (Lu­cas Neff) on a quest to re­store peace to his tran­quil com­mu­nity with the help of an young hu­man boy. John Lith­gow, Frances McDor­mand, Neil Pa­trick Har­ris, Judy Greer and Bill Hader also star. Nov. 25. Kung Fu Panda 3 (DreamWorks An­i­ma­tion/ Fox). Jen­nifer Yuh Nel­son re­unites with Po and Co. (Jack Black, An­gelina Jolie, Dustin Hoff­man, Lucy Liu, Seth Ro­gen, Jackie Chan and David Cross) for more “leg­endary ad­ven­tures of awesomeness” as the portly hero must face down two epic threats — one su­per­nat­u­ral, and one closer to home. Dec. 23. Ratchet & Clank (Rainmaker/CMG). Based on In­som­niac Games’ hit video game ti­tle, this ori­gin story shows how Ratchet (James Arnold Tay­lor) and Clank (David Kaye) first teamed up as they try to save the Solana Galaxy from Chair­man Drek (Kevin Michael Richard­son) and the Blarg. Kevin Mun­roe and Jer­icca Cle­land are di­rect­ing. TBA. When Marnie Was There (Stu­dio Ghi­bli). The lat­est from Hiro­masa Yonebayashi ( The Se­cret World of Ar­ri­etty) de­buted in Ja­pan this sum­mer, open­ing at No. 3 and earn­ing au­di­ence praise. Based on Joan G. Robin­son’s novel, the beau­ti­ful 2D an­i­ma­tion tells the nu­anced story of the re­la­tion­ship be­tween sickly Anna and the mys­te­ri­ous, spec­tral Marnie. Here’s hop­ing GKIDS or Dis­ney will opt to bring this State­side soon. TBA.

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