It’s Hip to Be Square

Cube your fun quo­tient with The Boxtrolls and Sponge­Bob SquarePants, plus DC’s Throne of At­lantis, Tom & Jerry’s lat­est and the must-see Stu­dio Ghi­bli doc­u­men­tary. By Mercedes Mil­li­gan.

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Last fall, LAIKA’s third stop-mo­tion fea­ture proved once again that there is room for all types of an­i­ma­tion on the box-of­fice charts. Painstak­ingly hand-crafted and aug­mented with in­ven­tive cin­e­matog­ra­phy, stereo­scop­ics and seam­less CG el­e­ments com­bined with a unique story plucked from Alan Snow’s Here Be Monsters! helped win over au­di­ences and earned the neo-Vic­to­rian fan­tasy a 13-strong majority of An­nie Awards nom- ina­tions. Di­rected by Gra­ham Annable and An­thony Stac­chi, the film cen­ters on a young boy raised by the mis­un­der­stood Boxtrolls who, with the help of a plucky lit­tle rich girl, in­fil­trates the sur­face world to face off with a power-hun­gry ex­ter­mi­na­tor to save his un­con­ven­tional fam­ily.

Isaac Hemp­stead Wright, Elle Fan­ning, Sir Ben Kings­ley and Jared Har­ris lead the voice cast, which also in­cludes Toni Col­lette, Richard Ayoade, Nick Frost, Tracy Mor­gan and Si­mon Pegg. Spe­cial fea­tures in­clude be­hind-the-scenes looks at voice world with our own may be drifter Arthur Curry, a man with strange pow­ers. Su­per­man, Bat­man, Won­der Woman et al must fend off the war­mon­ger­ing Orm, an army of sea crea­tures, oth­er­worldly weapons and per­ilous odds with the help of su­per­heroic new­comer Aqua­man — voiced by Matt Lanter ( Star Wars: The Clone Wars).

Di­rected by Ethan Spauld­ing ( Avatar: The Last Air­ben­der) with di­a­log di­rec­tion by An­drea Ro­mano, At­lantis also fea­tures the voices of Sam Witwer (Orm), Ja­son O’Mara (Bat­man), Christo­pher Gorham

If you’re look­ing for a guid­ing light on your stu­dio’s jour­ney, you could do worse than turn to Pixar co-founder and cur­rent Dis­neyPixar pres­i­dent Ed Cat­mull. Writ­ten for man­agers look­ing to in­spire their teams to new cre­ative heights, Cat­mull has cre­ated a man­ual for those striv­ing for orig­i­nal­ity, hand­ing you the keys to cre­ate work­ing en­vi­ron­ments that al­low in­ven­tive­ness and tal­ent to shine. Delv­ing into the nerve cen­ter of Pixar — into the meet­ings, post­mortems and brain-trust ses­sions where some of the world’s most suc­cess­ful films are fine-tuned — Cat­mull leads you by ex­am­ple to­ward the clear­est path to fos­ter­ing a cre­ative cul­ture.

If that creepy Sec­ond Life doc­u­men­tary didn’t scare you off the topic of vir­tual worlds for­ever, this brand-new of­fer­ing from award­win­ning, 20-year veteran of vir­tual en­vi­ron­ment de­sign Cudworth is a com­pre­hen­sive look at the sub­ject and prin­ci­ples. The 400-plus-page book ex­plores the in­ter­twin­ing of 2D graph­ics, 3D mod­els, light­ing, sound and sto­ry­telling, and il­lus­trates how th­ese el­e­ments come to­gether to cre­ate ac­ces­si­ble vir­tual en­vi­ron­ments for teach­ing, re­search and en­ter­tain-


$1,900 per



4 times

Provo, UT an­i­ma­ Phone: (801) 422-8773 E-mail: sonya_schiff­man@byu. edu De­grees/Cer­tifi­cates of­fered: BFA in An­i­ma­tion, Com­puter Sci­ence BA with An­i­ma­tion Em­pha­sis, BFA in Il­lus­tra­tion with Con­cept De­sign Em­pha­sis Num­ber of stu­dents in an­i­ma­tion pro­gram: 75 Cost of pro­gram: $2,425 per se­mes­ter for LDS stu­dents; $4,850 per se­mes­ter for non LDS stu­dents Head of an­i­ma­tion & ad­mis­sions: Kelly Loosli Time of year of­fered: ter sched­ule, Fall start Ap­pli­ca­tion dead­line: June Equip­ment: Mul­ti­ple labs run­ning 2D and 3D soft­ware on work­sta­tion grade ma­chines; tra­di­tional an­i­ma­tion lab; screen­ing room. San Francisco | Oak­land, CA Phone: (510) 594-3600; (800) 447-1ART E-mail: School of Film/Video Va­len­cia, CA Phone: (661) 255-1050 Fax: (661) 253-7710 E-mail: ad­mis­ De­grees/Cer­tifi­cates of­fered: BFA and Cer­tifi­cate in Character An­i­ma­tion. BFA, MFA, Cer­tifi­cate and Ad­vanced Cer­tifi­cate in Ex­per­i­men­tal An­i­ma­tion Num­ber of stu­dents in ani- ma­tion pro­gram: Character An­i­ma­tion: 170, Ex­per­i­men­tal An­i­ma­tion: 86 Cost of pro­gram: $41,700 Head of an­i­ma­tion: Maija Bur­nett (Character Anim.); Mau­reen Fur­niss (Ex­per­i­men­tal Anim.) Head of ad­mis­sions: Molly Ryan Time of year of­fered: ber through May Ap­pli­ca­tion dead­line: Pre­ferred dead­line: De­cem­ber. Reg­u­lar dead­line: Jan­uary. See web­site. Equip­ment avail­able: Equip­ment Cage of­fers a range of film and video equip­ment, from un­der­wa­ter cam­era sys­tems to por­ta­ble dig­i­tal stop-mo­tion kits, al­low­ing stu­dents to shoot on the school’s pro­duc­tion stages, in front of a green-screen, at home or on lo­ca­tion. The Equip­ment Cage fea­tures video and film cam­eras, light­ing kits, mi­cro­phones, dig­i­tal sound recorders, stereo­scopic sys­tems and video in­stal­la­tion equip­ment. School fa­cil­i­ties also in­clude 2D and 3D an­i­ma­tion com­puter labs, stop­mo­tion shoot­ing stages, sound record­ing and mix the­aters, a dig­i­tal im­age/com­posit­ing lab, mul­ti­me­dia lab, an in­stal­la­tion gallery space, pro­duc­tion sound stages and post-pro­duc­tion edit­ing fa­cil­i­ties. Northridge, CA Phone: (818) 677-1200 Red­wood City, CA canada­col­­ti­me­dia Phone: (650) 306-3330 E-mail: naasp@sm­ Cleve­land, OH Phone: (216) 421-7000 E-mail: ad­mis­ Sun­ny­vale, CA Phone: (800) 264-7955 E-mail: ad­mis­sions@cogswell. edu Santa Clarita, CA Phone: (661) 259-7800 Chicago, IL Phone: (312) 369-7750 E-mail: ad­mis­ Colum­bus, OH Phone: (614) 224-9101 E-mail: ad­mis­ Chicago, IL Phone: (312) 362-8714 Fax: (312) 362-5185 E-mail: ad­mis­sion@cdm.depaul. edu De­grees/Cer­tifi­cates of­fered: BA An­i­ma­tion, BFA An­i­ma­tion, BFA An­i­ma­tion - Game Art con­cen­tra­tion, MA An­i­ma­tion, MA An­i­ma­tion - Tech­ni­cal Artist con­cen­tra­tion MFA An­i­ma­tion Num­ber of stu­dents in an­i­ma­tion pro­gram: 270 Cost of pro­gram: Un­der­gradu- ate full-time tu­ition: $33,390 per year Head of an­i­ma­tion: Roberts Head of ad­mis­sions: Liz Friedman Time of year of­fered: round Ap­pli­ca­tion dead­line: Con­tact Ad­mis­sions (312) 362-8714 Equip­ment avail­able: 50+ Cin­tiq work­sta­tions in An­i­ma­tion labs. Hand-drawn: Adobe Cre­ative Cloud, Flash and Toon Boom. 3D: Maya, Mo­tion­builder, Mud­box, Zbrush and Unity, Stop Mo­tion lab with DSLRs and Dragon­frame, Op­tiTrak mo­tion cap­ture stu­dio, mo­tion con­trol and green-screen stu­dios. Red­mond, WA Phone: (866) 478-5236 Fax: (425) 558-0378 E-mail: ad­mis­sions@digipen. edu De­grees/Cer­tifi­cates of­fered: Bach­e­lor of Sci­ence in Com­puter Sci­ence in Real-Time In­ter­ac­tive Sim­u­la­tion, BS Com­puter Sci­ence and Game De­sign, Bach­e­lor of Fine Arts in Dig­i­tal Art and An­i­ma­tion, BA Game De­sign Num­ber of stu­dents in an­i­ma­tion pro­gram: 239 cur­rently en­rolled as of De­cem­ber 2014. Cost of pro­gram: $106,240 Head of an­i­ma­tion: Jazno Fran­coeur Head of ad­mis­sions: Da­nial Pow­ers Time of year of­fered: Fall, Spring, and Sum­mer. Stu­dents be­gin fall se­mes­ter. Ap­pli­ca­tion dead­line: Ap­pli­ca­tions close about a week be­fore fall se­mes­ter be­gins Equip­ment avail­able: .NET Frame­work, Ac­tive Pearl, Ac­tive State Python, Adobe CS5, Anvil Stu­dio, Ap­pIn­ven­tor, Au­dac­ity, Au­todesk En­ter­tain­ment Cre­ation Suite, Blender, Bor­land Turbo C++, Cara­pace, CMake,


Fall and


45 days

Los An­ge­les, CA smor­gas­bord.ten­ze­ro­seven. com/class Phone: (213) 925-9918 E-mail: projects@smor­gas­bor­d­pro­duc­ De­grees/Cer­tifi­cates of­fered: Ed­u­ca­tional class­room ex­pe­ri­ence that trains be­gin­ning to ad­vanced artists while cre­at­ing an orig­i­nal an­i­mated group project that re­wards par­tic­i­pants with in­dus­try ex­pe­ri­ence, cred­its and the pos­si­bil­ity of film fes­ti­val awards and on-go­ing paid jobs in the in­dus­try! Num­ber of stu­dents in an­i­ma­tion pro­gram: 10 Cost of pro­gram: $900 for 12 week pro­gram, 3 hour classes meet once a week. Head of an­i­ma­tion/ad­mis­sions: Dahveed Kolodny-Nagy Time of year of­fered: On­go­ing Ap­pli­ca­tion dead­line: On­go­ing Equip­ment avail­able: Draw­ing ma­te­ri­als, Adobe Cre­ative Suite, Flash CS6 and After Ef­fects. Wa­com Pen­abled Lap­tops will be avail­able for rent dur­ing class. Los An­ge­les, CA stu­ Phone: (323) 227-8776 E-mail: of­fice@stu­ Depart­ment of Vi­su­al­iza­tion Col­lege Sta­tion, TX Phone: (979) 845-3465 E-mail: viz­ Philadel­phia, PA Phone: (215) 717-6049, (800) 616-ARTS E-mail: ad­mis­ An­i­ma­tion Work­shop Los An­ge­les, CA an­i­ma­ School of Visual Arts & De­sign Or­lando, FL Phone: (407) 823-2676 Fax: (407) 823-6470 E-mail: svadad­vis­ John C. Hench Di­vi­sion of An­i­ma­tion & Dig­i­tal Arts Los An­ge­les, CA cin­ Phone: (213) 740-3986 Fax: (213) 740-5869 E-mail: dsigis­mondi@cin­ema. St. Louis, MO web­ Phone: (800) 981-9801 E-mail: ad­mis­sions@web­ster. edu De­grees/Cer­tifi­cates of­fered: B.A. in An­i­ma­tion, Mi­nor in Ani- ma­tion Pro­duc­tion, and Cer­tifi­cate in An­i­ma­tion Pro­duc­tion Num­ber of stu­dents in an­i­ma­tion pro­gram: 65 Cost of pro­gram: $24,500 Head of an­i­ma­tion: Chris Sago­vac Head of ad­mis­sions: An­drew Laue Time of year of­fered: round Ap­pli­ca­tion dead­line: 1 Equip­ment avail­able: Soft­ware: Maya, Toon Boom, ZBrush, Dragon­frame and all Adobe Prod­ucts. Stu­dios and Equip­ment: 24 hour an­i­ma­tion lab with PC com­put­ers and Cin­tiq 22HD Touch draw­ing sta­tions. Draw­ing lab with light ta­bles and an­i­ma­tion discs. 24 hour an­i­ma­tion suite with an­i­ma­tion pro­duc­tion stands, PC pen­cil test work­sta­tions and a stop mo­tion area. The Me­dia Cen­ter of­fers equip­ment for overnight check out rang­ing from DSLR cam­eras and light­ing to Wa­com tablets and stop mo­tion ar­ma­tures. Bur­bank, CA wood­ Phone: (818) 252-5149 Fax: (818) 394-3305 E-mail: dori.lit­tell-her­rick@wood­ De­grees/Cer­tifi­cates of­fered: Bach­e­lor of Fine Arts Num­ber of stu­dents in an­i­ma­tion pro­gram: 60 Cost of pro­gram: $34,440 Head of an­i­ma­tion: Dori Lit­tel­lHer­rick Head of ad­mis­sions: Ashraf (Ash) Zawaideh Time of year of­fered: Spring semesters Ap­pli­ca­tion dead­line: Rolling Equip­ment avail­able: Stu­dents en­gage in in­ter­dis­ci­pli­nary projects with the de­part­ments of Film­mak­ing, Game Art & De­sign and Me­dia Tech­nol­ogy, shar­ing state-of-the-art com­puter labs, stop-mo­tion and live-ac­tion stu- dios. Ded­i­cated stu­dio space for ju­nior and se­nior years. North Van­cou­ver, BC www.grad­ Phone: (604) 983-7516 Fax: (604) 990-7867 E-mail: anim@capi­ Van­cou­ver, BC Phone: (778) 370-1001 Fax: (778) 370-1020 E-mail: ad­mis­ De­grees/Cer­tifi­cates of­fered: Master of Dig­i­tal Me­dia pro­gram Num­ber of stu­dents in an­i­ma­tion pro­gram: 55 Cost of pro­gram: $35,951.24 Head of an­i­ma­tion: Richard Smith Head of ad­mis­sions: Yas­meen Awadh Time of year of­fered: ber Ap­pli­ca­tion dead­line: ary 15 Univer­site de Que­bec a Chicoutimi Mon­treal, QC cen­tre­ Phone: (418) 545-5011, (800) 463-9880 E-mail: info@cen­tre­ Sud­bury, ON col­lege­bo­ Phone: (705) 560-6673, (800) 361-6673 E-mail: info@col­lege­bo­

Van­cou­ver, BC Phone: (604) 844-3800, (800) 832-7788 E-mail: ad­mis­ Toronto, ON max­the­ Phone: (416) 703-6877; (877) 486-MUTT E-mail: info@max­the­ Toronto, ON seneca­col­ Phone: (416) 491-5050 E-mail: ad­mis­sions@seneca­col­ Oakville, ON sheri­d­an­col­ Phone: (905) 845-9430 E-mail: in­fos­h­eri­dan@sheri­d­an­col­ North Van­cou­ver, BC Phone: (604) 990-8265, (888) 990-8265 E-mail: Van­cou­ver, BC, Canada Phone: (604) 612-1171 E-mail: De­grees/Cer­tifi­cates of­fered: Con­cept Art 3D Character An­i­ma­tion Matte Paint­ing Num­ber of stu­dents in an­ima- tion pro­gram: Cost of pro­gram: $14,900 Head of an­i­ma­tion: Mario Pochat Head of ad­mis­sions: Le­duc Time of year of­fered: ter, Spring, Sum­mer Ap­pli­ca­tion dead­line: Win­ter, Spring, Sum­mer Equip­ment avail­able: Com­put­ers, On­line Cam­pus, Cin­tiqs Van­cou­ver, BC Phone: (604) 685-5830, (800) 661-4104 E-mail: ad­mis­ Van­cou­ver, BC, Canada va­ Phone: (604) 682-2787 E-mail: info@va­ De­grees/Cer­tifi­cates of­fered: 2D Character An­i­ma­tion 3D Character An­i­ma­tion Visual Ef­fects for Film and TV Game Art and De­sign Plus many more... Num­ber of stu­dents in an­i­ma­tion pro­gram: 20 Cost of pro­gram: CAD Head of an­i­ma­tion: Wayne Gil­bert Head of ad­mis­sions: Shane Moore Time of year of­fered: Septem­ber Ap­pli­ca­tion dead­line: ad­mis­sions Equip­ment avail­able: Maya and Toon­Boom Har­mony, Yiynova tablets, fully equipped work­ing an­i­ma­tion stu­dio. Each stu­dent has their own work­sta­tion for full year. London, U.K. an­i­ma­tion­ap­pren­ E-mail: info@an­i­ma­tion­ap­pren­ Vi­borg, Den­mark an­i­m­ Phone: ?? E-mail: taw@vi­ De­grees/Cer­tifi­cates of­fered: Bach­e­lor of An­i­ma­tion in Character An­i­ma­tion and CG Arts Bach­e­lor of Graphic Sto­ry­telling Num­ber of stu­dents in an­i­ma­tion pro­gram: 50 Cost of pro­gram: Tu­ition: ap­prox. $16,600 per year. Ma­te­ri­als fee: ap­prox. $4,000 per year Head of an­i­ma­tion: Gen­eral di­rec­tor Morten Thorn­ing Head of ad­mis­sions: Di­rec­tor of the Bach­e­lor Ed­u­ca­tion Michelle Nar­done Time of year of­fered: Sum­mer Ap­pli­ca­tion dead­line: March 15 Equip­ment avail­able: An­i­ma­tion draw­ing board, var­i­ous pen­cils and pa­per, var­i­ous text books and read­ers, sketch books, peg bars, and the use of Maya, var­i­ous Adobe pro­grams, prin­ters, Wa­com boards etc. Bournemouth, U.K. Phone: +44 1202-533-011 E-mail: Ire­land Phone: 00353 1 6269421 E-mail: De­grees/Cer­tifi­cates of­fered: Cer­tifi­cate in An­i­ma­tion Draw­ing Stud­ies, HND in Clas­si­cal and Com­puter An­i­ma­tion, HND in il­lus­tra­tion, HND in Graphic De­sign, BA(Hons) in Visual Me­dia (An­i­ma­tion), BA(Hons) in Visual Me­dia (Game De­sign) Num­ber of stu­dents in an­i­ma­tion pro­gram: 180 Cost of pro­gram: $950.00 - $3,400 de­pend­ing on pro­gram. $4,400 for en­trants from out­side EU Head of an­i­ma­tion: Head of ad­mis­sions: Ms. Ciara Bell Time of year of­fered: ber through May Ap­pli­ca­tion dead­line: Check the web­site. Equip­ment avail­able: Fully equipped 3D stu­dios, fully equipped tra­di­tional an­i­ma­tion stu­dios. Life Draw­ing rooms, dig­i­tal stu­dios equipped with the lat­est an­i­ma­tion soft­ware, Adobe Cre­ative Suite, Au­todesk Suite, CelAc­tion. FUlly equipped TV stu­dio, green-screen ca­pa­bil­ity, record­ing/edit­ing equip­ment, pen­cil test room, stop-mo­tion equip­ment. Lyon, France Phone: +33 (4) 7892-9283 E-mail:

Mon­te­v­ideo, Uruguay Phone: +598 2719-3373 E-mail: Santiago, Chile Phone: 800-215-001 E-mail: School of Com­mu­ni­ca­tions & De­sign Mon­te­v­ideo, Uruguay Phone: +598 2902-1505 Mex­ico City, Mex­ico Phone: +52 1328-1818 E-mail: Jo­han­nes­burg, South Africa Phone: +27 (411) 326-1520 E-mail: De­grees/Cer­tifi­cates of­fered: 2D Con­cept De­sign & An­i­ma­tion, 3D Ar­chi­tec­tural & De­sign/Vi­su­al­iza­tion, 3D An­i­ma­tion & Visual Ef­fects, Games De­vel­op­ment Num­ber of stu­dents in an­i­ma­tion pro­gram: 15 Cost of pro­gram: USD $5,100 Head of an­i­ma­tion/ad­mis­sions: Gus­tavo Cor­rêa Time of year of­fered: Full year Ap­pli­ca­tion dead­line: Jan­uary Equip­ment avail­able: Win­dows PCs, Wa­com tablets, mo­tion cap­ture suite, Ocu­lus Rift New York, NY 3dtrain­ Phone: (877) 746-4338 E-mail: info@3dtrain­ Seat­tle, WA ani­amtion­ate­ E-mail: tony@an­i­mati­ De­grees/Cer­tifi­cates of­fered: Foun­da­tion Cer­tifi­cate in An­i­ma­tion. Will also pro­vide Cer­tifi­cate grad­u­ates with a unique op­por­tu­nity to ap­pren­tice on real projects with top pro­fes­sion­als. Num­ber of stu­dents in an­i­ma­tion pro­gram: N/A - open­ing sum­mer 2015 Cost of pro­gram: $1,500 Head of an­i­ma­tion/ad­mis­sions: Tony White Ap­pli­ca­tion dead­line: round Equip­ment avail­able: On­line pro­gram re­quires stu­dents to have ac­cess to their own min­i­mal equip­ment - such as draw­ing board, Toon­Boom Stu­dio & Pho­to­shop soft­ware, etc. Emeryville, CA an­i­ma­tion­men­ Phone: (877) 326-4628 E-mail: ad­mis­sions@an­i­ma­tion­men­ Van Nuys, CA­mas­ter­a­ E-mail: info@cgm­won­ De­grees/Cer­tifi­cates of­fered: Cer­tifi­cate of com­ple­tion. Num­ber of stu­dents in an­i­ma­tion pro­gram: 500+ Cost of pro­gram: $799/class Head of an­i­ma­tion: Sophie Hamel Head of ad­mis­sions: Gar­cia Time of year of­fered: Quar­terly Ap­pli­ca­tion dead­line: See web­site for de­tails Ok­la­homa City, OK www.dig­i­tal­ Phone: (405) 601-4806 E-mail: info@dig­i­tal­ Phone: (614) 657-6715 E-mail: De­grees/Cer­tifi­cates of­fered: Course com­ple­tion cer­tifi­cates upon re­quest Num­ber of stu­dents in an­i­ma­tion pro­gram: 200 Cost of pro­gram: $599 for eight week work­shops, $449 for five week work­shops Head of an­i­ma­tion/ad­mis­sion: Michael Tanzillo/Jas­mine Katatikarn Time of year of­fered: Round Equip­ment avail­able: For light­ing, com­posit­ing, and tex­ture paint­ing cour­ses, we of­fer a free stu­dent li­cense of the Arnold ren­derer for the du­ra­tion of the course and a dis­counted pack­age of soft­ware from the Foundry (Nuke, Mari, Moto, and Hiero).

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