Corto Mal­tese: Un­der the Sign of Capricorn

Animation Magazine - - Frame- By- Frame - By Hugo Pratt [IDW/ EuroComics, $29.99]

Hugo Pratt stands among the icons of the world comic-book scene and his Corto Mal­tese se­ries is widely re­garded as one of the best comics ever done and beloved by fans of comics, car­toon­ing and art the world over. Corto’s globe­span­ning ad­ven­tures at the turn of the 20th cen­tury take him to the world’s most dan­ger­ous spots, full of cun­ning vil­lains and sul­try temp­ta­tions. This new edi­tion, the first in a se­ries from IDW’s new EuroComics im­print, im­pres­sively de­liv­ers on its goal to present a de­fin­i­tive English-lan­guage edi­tion of Corto Mal­tese. Un­like pre­vi­ous English edi­tions, Pratt’s ex­pres­sive lines and inky shad­ows are ra­zor sharp and pre­sented in all its black-and-white glory on qual­ity pa­per at a size that makes the book a joy to flip through. Fur­ther vol­umes will fol­low, un­til the en­tire story — the first and many say best long­form comics works — is com­plete. It’s an ad­ven­ture worth fol­low­ing.

— Tom McLean

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