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French An­i­ma­tion Stu­dios at a Glance

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Here is a list of some of the coun­try’s top an­i­ma­tion stu­dios and their cur­rent projects:

2d3d An­i­ma­tions CEO: Ma­lika Brahmi Cur­rent Slate: 1884: Yes­ter­day’s Fu­ture, Sadie Sparks, Iqbal the Fear­less Child, Minis­cule: Val­ley of the Lost Ants www.2d3d-an­i­ma­tions.com

An­i­malps Pres­i­dent: Fabrice Beau Cur­rent Slate: The Kh­mer Smile, The 20 Days, Barbara, Chad & Clark, Zen Sto­ries www.an­i­malp­spro­duc­tions.com

Les Ar­ma­teurs Pres­i­dent: Regi­nald de Guille­bon Cur­rent Slate: The Swal­lows of Kabul, A Man Is Dead lesar­ma­teurs-lesite.fr

Blue Spirit Pres­i­dent: Eric Jac­quot Cur­rent Slate: The Baker Street Four, Alice & Lewis, Le Voy­age du Prince, Arthur & the Chil­dren of the Round Ta­ble www.spirit-prod.com/en

Cot­ton­wood Me­dia Pres­i­dent: David Michel Cur­rent Slate: The Ol­lie & Moon Show, Squish cot­ton­wood.tv

Cy­ber Group Stu­dios Pres­i­dent: Pierre Siss­mann Cur­rent Slate: Gi­gan­tosaurus, Taffy, Ne­fer­tine, Sadie Sparks, Tom Sawyer www.cy­ber­group­stu­dios.com

El­lip­sanime Pres­i­dent: Maïa Tu­biana Cur­rent Slate: The Jun­gle Book S3, Yakari S45, Badgers & Foxes www.dar­gaud­me­dia.com

Dan­de­loo Di­rec­tors: Vanessa Labarthe-buttin and Jean Bouthors Cur­rent Slate: The Bitkiz, Stinky Dog, Hou­dini – The Se­ries, Le Mous­tique, Billy the Cow­boy Ham­ster www.dan­de­looo.com

Folim­age Pres­i­dent: Pierre Meloni Cur­rent Slate: My Grandpa Hid, Funny Fish, The Cry­ing Cat www.folim­age.fr

Fo­li­vari Pres­i­dent: Di­dier Brun­ner Cur­rent Slate: Pachamama, The Big Bad Fox & Other Tales, Ernest & Ce­les­tine: The Col­lec­tion fo­li­vari.com/en

Gau­mont An­i­ma­tion Pres­i­dent: Nico­las At­lan Cur­rent Slate: Usagi Yo­jimbo, Touch the Earth, Molly and the Cryp­tos, Bionic Max, Star Shards Chron­i­cles www.gau­mont.us

GO-N Pro­duc­tions Pres­i­dents: Eric Gar­net and Anne de Galard Cur­rent Slate: Zip Zip, Si­mon, Tib & Tum­tum, Com­man­der Clark Tootuff www.go-n.fr

Je Suis Bien Con­tent Pres­i­dents: Franck Ek­inci and Marc Jous­set Cur­rent Slate: Ca­davre Exquis, My Fa­ther’s Secret, In the Dark Mys­te­ri­ous For­est www.jsbc.fr/en Lynx An­i­ma­tion Co-founders: Sarita Castillo and Al­lan Castillo Cur­rent Slate: Nin­cow, John Var­dar vs. the Gal­axy, Dragongarten www.lynx­an­i­ma­tion.com

Mac Guff Pres­i­dent: Gas­pard de Raque Cur­rent Slate: Dilili in Paris, Gas­ton La­gaffe, Nox www.macguff.com/en

Me­dia Val­ley Pres­i­dent: Na­talie Alt­mann Cur­rent Slate: Gifted, Dragon Slay­ers’ Academy me­di­aval­ley.fr/en

Method An­i­ma­tion/on An­i­ma­tion CEO: Aton Soumache Cur­rent Slate: Play­mo­bil: The Movie, Tall Tales from the Mag­i­cal Gar­den of An­toon Krings, Lit­tle Jules Verne www.onan­i­ma­tion­stu­dios.com

Mil­lim­ages Pres­i­dent: Roch Lener Cur­rent Slate: Molang, Louie & Yoko Build, Ad­ven­tures of Nasre­dine, Pi­rata & Cap­i­tano www.mil­lim­ages.com

Nor­maal An­i­ma­tion Pres­i­dent: Alexis Lav­il­lat Cur­rent Slate: Ella, Os­car, & Hoo; Woolly, Woolly; Zouk nor­maal.fr La Sta­tion An­i­ma­tion Di­rec­tor: Pierre Coré Cur­rent Slate: Coun­try Kids, Grosha &Mr. B, Gri­ott & Mungo, Tall Tales from the Mag­i­cal Gar­den of An­toon Krings www.las­ta­tio­nan­i­ma­tion.com

Teamto Pres­i­dent: Guil­laume Hel­louin Cur­rent Slate: Take It Easy, Mike; My Knight and Me, An­gelo Rules www.teamto.com/en

Vive­ment Lundi! Pres­i­dent: Jean-françois Le Corre Cur­rent Slate: Be­tween the Shad­ows, This Mag­nif­i­cent Cake! www.vive­ment-lundi.com

Xilam Pres­i­dent: Marc du Pon­tavice Cur­rent Slate: Pa­prika, Mr. Ma­goo, A New Kind of Magic, Oggy and the Cock­roaches Web­site: xilam.com

Zag Toons CEO: Jeremy Zag Cur­rent Slate: Zak Storm, Mirac­u­lous: Tales of Lady­bug & Cat Noir, Power Play­ers, Ghost Force www.zag-inc.com

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