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For ba­sic wa­ter­col­or­ing, you only need a color source, a small con­tainer of wa­ter and a finetip brush. Your color source can be a paint pal­ette, wa­ter­color pen­cils or wa­ter-based inks.

Two com­mon tools for ap­ply­ing wa­ter­color are a tra­di­tional paint­brush dipped in wa­ter or a wa­ter­brush that has a bar­rel to hold wa­ter. The bar­rel por­tion of the wa­ter­brush is squeezed gen­tly to force wa­ter through the brush end. A wa­ter­brush al­lows for a bit more con­trol over the amount of wa­ter be­ing ap­plied to pa­per, but lovely re­sults can be achieved with ei­ther ap­proach. As with any art method, prac­tice makes per­fect.

Wa­ter­color prod­ucts and tech­niques are best used with wa­ter­color pa­per. If you choose to wa­ter­color the images we’ve in­cluded for you, be care­ful not to over­sat­u­rate your col­or­ing page with wa­ter as the pa­per will wrin­kle. As with mark­ers, pro­tect your sur­face or other col­or­ing pages from bleed-through color by plac­ing a sheet of pa­per un­der the col­or­ing page you are work­ing on. You may want to test this color ap­pli­ca­tion on scrap pa­per first.

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