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Mark­ers come in a wide as­sort­ment of styles, and the ink and nibs used in each style will vary con­sid­er­ably. To de­ter­mine which type of marker is best suited for your col­or­ing project, first con­sider the art­work. Are the lines wide or thin, and are the col­or­ing spa­ces small and in­tri­cate or more open? Fine-tip mark­ers with firm nibs work well when col­or­ing in­tri­cate de­signs. Wide nibs will work bet­ter to fill larger open spa­ces on your col­or­ing page. Brush-tip mark­ers can be used for most types of art­work de­pend­ing on the thick­ness of the brushes.

There are many dif­fer­ent types of ink used in mark­ers in­clud­ing pig­ment, dye, wa­ter-based and al­co­hol-based to name a few. Be­cause some inks will bleed through pa­per, be sure to pro­tect your work sur­face or ad­di­tional col­or­ing pages by plac­ing a sheet of scrap pa­per un­der the col­or­ing page you are work­ing on.

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