All lives mat­ter

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Iwish I could have marched with the protesters af­ter the tragic and un­nec­es­sary death of Ge­org Floyd.

I would have car­ried a sign that said White lives mat­ter. I’m not sure that would have been a good idea ? I may have been at­tacked by the vig­i­lance my­self.

You may ask your­self, who is this guy? Who does he think he is? It’s not a mat­ter of in­jus­tice to white peo­ple. It’s about un­nec­es­sary vi­o­lence against blacks.

Yes that’s true, but isn’t it some­what self-right­eous to sug­gest only black lives mat­ter? The im­por­tant is­sue here is to con­vey all hu­man life mat­ters.

Some peo­ple may call me a racist be­cause I don’t sup­port (BLM) Black Lives Mat­ter. If that’s your be­lief, I say OK. I be­lieve all lives mat­ter. Not just black lives.

Every­one has some predi­gest in fa­vor of oth­ers most like their self. How­ever that does not mean they are racist.

I say white lives mat­ter, not be­cause I be­lieve only white lives mat­ter, but be­cause I want oth­ers to think about what that re­ally means. To say black lives mat­ter is a racist state­ment in it­self. Why can’t we all just get along?

Richard Balt­z­ley


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