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Re­gard­ing the let­ters crit­i­cal of Mr. R. Rex Par­ris. I rarely find my­self a sup­porter of Mr. Par­ris but all in all he has done a lot for Lan­caster and has been a most ef­fec­tive mayor, far su­pe­rior to past of­fice hold­ers.

The fact he did not knuckle un­der to the petty tyrants and can­cel the Fourth of July fire­works, I say well done. Yes the il­le­gal fire­works were very bad this year but the op­er­a­tive word is il­le­gal. The fact that Mr. Par­ris does not fol­low state or county rules is moot. I will re­mind you that our gov­er­nor flaunts fed­eral law, il­le­gals, pot etc.

So if Mr. Par­ris uses his own com­mon sense in ap­ply­ing rules then good. The gov­ern­ment, any gov­ern­ment is not our mom and dad and have lim­its placed on them by the Con­sti­tu­tion. We need not blindly fol­low a non elected civil ser­vant from this depart­ment or that depart­ment who de­cides who can do this or that.

I am for open­ing more busi­ness us­ing a com­mon sense ap­proach and not the un­fair way it has been ap­plied to date. For in­stance, Sharkey’s, the pool ta­bles are far apart and with face cov­er­ing, ex­cept when en­joy­ing a bev­er­age or food and hand wash­ing, so­cial dis­tanc­ing etc. should be opened, no rea­son not to. So Rex keep up the good fight.

David Stil­well


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