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Our read­ers are STRONG, SEXY & SPOILED and of course that means those that grace our cov­ers and are fea­tured in our pages em­body this spirit as well! The world of the WWE in­cludes some of the tough­est ath­letes with dy­namic per­sonas and ever chang­ing sto­ry­lines that keep their fans wait­ing to see more ev­ery week!

The ladies of the WWE are an elite pow­er­house that rep­re­sent vix­ens and vil­lains. For those that need an ex­tra dose (know and love this world) of the ladies, E! Net­works' To­tal Di­vas - al­lowed view­ers to see their lives in and out of the ring. Episodes show­case the ladies in the re­la­tion­ships, train­ing, their per­son­al­ity, their per­sonas and more. Our ini­tial in­tro­duc­tion to Sum­mer Rae came dur­ing the sec­ond sea­son of this show.

Sum­mer Rae is a WWE ath­lete who fights in the RAW brand. Play­ing a vil­lain role, she has won a num­ber of sin­gle and tag team matches which keeps the crowds want­ing more. Out­side of the ring, Danielle Moinet is the com­plete op­po­site of her char­ac­ter; but, she shares the ath­letic sens­abil­ity as her ca­reer in­cludes be­ing a for­mer pro­fes­sional foot­ball player as a cor­ner­back for Lingerie Foot­ball League's Chicago Bliss (in ad­di­tion to be­ing a pro­fes­sional wrestler and wrestling man­ager). This Man­has­set, LI na­tive is also a model and ac­tress who took the time to chat with us about her ath­letic ca­reer; what it's like to be a part of the WWE; the im­por­tance of giv­ing back and in­sight into who Danielle is!

ATHLEISURE MAG: We love see­ing you in the ring and be­ing on E!'s To­tal Di­vas. Tell us about your ca­reer lead­ing up to the WWE, as we know you played foot­ball, were the face of the Lingerie Foot­ball League, and you were an am­bas­sador for Nas­car's Bobby Labonte's team - how did this all come to­gether with your love of sports? DANIELLE MOINET: I have al­ways been a fan of sports, both watch­ing sports and play­ing sports. Grow­ing up, I danced for many years and then I also ran track, jumped hur­dles and played ten­nis. I’ve al­ways had an ath­letic back­ground and spent a lot of time in the gym in col­lege. Play­ing foot­ball was def­i­nitely very fun. It was full con­tact seven on seven foot­ball. The ladies of the LFL hit hard. It’s not a gim­mick. I’ve al­ways had a pas­sion for wrestling and loved watch­ing it. I went to Mon­day Night Raw and watched it in the au­di­ence and thought, “Wow I can do that and I think I can do it well.” I de­cided to try out for WWE.

AM: We grew up in the 80's watch­ing the WWE, when did you re­al­ize this was what you wanted to do and what was the process like to get to the ring?

DM: The thing that I love about WWE is every­one has a story. Every­one has some­one they watched grow­ing up. With me, my dad has no sons, only daugh­ters, and I’m the old­est. I watched with my dad on Satur­day morn­ings and when I was an adult I would sit at home and watch Mon­day Night Raw. I loved the soap opera! I be­came a fan again af­ter col­lege and that’s when I re­al­ized I wanted to sub­mit. Now with NXT, Triple H has given peo­ple a great out­let to sub­mit their re­sume and port­fo­lio and be able to try to be­come a WWE Su­per­star.

AM: We see the phys­i­cal­ity that is needed to be a Diva, while also be­ing able to be a to­tal boss by be­ing glam. It's such a unique sport that al­lows both - how is Danielle Moinet sim­i­lar and dif­fer­ent to Sum­mer Rae?

DM: Very good ques­tion! Some peo­ple like to form their WWE per­sona based on an ex­ten­sion of them­selves. For me it’s the to­tal op­po­site. Sum­mer Rae is every­one I wanted to be grow­ing up: all of the girls I wasn’t and all of the things I wanted to say to peo­ple that I

couldn't be­cause I was too nice. Sum­mer Rae is a con­niv­ing ego­tis­ti­cal vil­lain who will do what­ever she needs to do to get what she wants. That’s why it’s so much fun to play her! I have never once been a good guy in WWE and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

AM: This sum­mer, we worked out with you and ad­di­tional Di­vas dur­ing Sum­mer Slam at Tapout here in NYC - be­tween matches and do­ing PR events what is the sched­ule like when you're trav­el­ing and how are you able to bal­ance your day to day life with that?

DM: Wow! That’s so cool that you came and worked out with us! That was the first time we had tried any­thing like that and my first time teach­ing an ex­er­cise class! It was in­spir­ing to talk to dif­fer­ent women. It was a spe­cial event for me. It's hard to find bal­ance and in 2017 that is what I am go­ing af­ter. Bal­ance. It is hard be­ing a Su­per­star, be­ing on the road 300 days a year film­ing and work­ing events on your off days. Trav­el­ing and ev­ery­thing that comes with it is re­ally hard. Hav­ing a group of peo­ple, whether they are fam­ily or friends that ground you when you’re home, it's im­por­tant on those off days to step away from work. Oth­er­wise you will lose who you are. It’s some­thing I’ve strug­gled with in the past and its some­thing I am re­ally work­ing towards in 2017. AM: As an ath­lete, the phys­i­cal­ity of the sport is de­mand­ing, what does your work­out day look like when you're pre­par­ing to be in the ring ver­sus when you have down time?

Some like to form their WWE per­sona based on an ex­ten­sion of them­selves. Sum­mer Rae is every­one I wanted to be grow­ing up: all of the girls I wasn't and all of the things that I wanted to say to peo­ple that I couldn't be­cause I was too nice.

DM: Very good ques­tion! I've never had some­one ask me this in an in­ter­view! I train very dif­fer­ently on days when I have a match ver­sus days I don't. I don’t do my legs as much on days I have a match. I save my car­dio days for TV. Sleep is the most im­por­tant thing in this busi­ness. I like to do cir­cuit train­ing so I don’t over­stim­u­late one body part. When you bump and have five matches in a week you’re go­ing to be sore.

AM: Re­cov­ery is al­ways es­sen­tial when you're work­ing out - we're fans of foam rollers, KT Ther­apy ice packs etc, what do you have on hand for a lit­tle TLC for your body?

DM: Re­cov­ery is very im­por­tant. The num­ber one thing I find that helps is sleep and I am the first per­son to say I don’t sleep nearly enough. On the off days I will force my­self to sleep. Mas­sage is some­thing re­ally great. I live by a great chi­ro­prac­tor and phys­i­cal ther­a­pist. In Los An­ge­les, I have gone to PEAK Well­ness and I have ab­so­lutely loved the prac­tice. The peo­ple there have been so amaz­ing to me. Den­nis at PEAK is so amaz­ing and I’ve loved work­ing with them.

AM: What is your fa­vorite mo­ment in

the ring and who has been your fa­vorite part­ner?

DM: My fa­vorite mo­ment in the ring is ac­tu­ally not a wrestling match. It was when I got to write my own promo and do it for every­one. It was in Chicago where I was liv­ing at the time. I got to break up with Ru­sev on screen. I re­ally felt it and felt so for­tu­nate that they let me write it. It was so amaz­ing and the crowd was so be­hind me. It gives me chills to think about.

My fa­vorite per­son to wres­tle is Nat­tie. I al­ways loved wrestling her. She’s some­one who chal­lenges me and made me try to be bet­ter ev­ery time I stepped in the ring with her. I also love Sasha Banks. The chem­istry we have is amaz­ing!

AM: Be­sides your life as an ath­lete, what other pas­sions do you have as we know you have acted?

DM: Be­ing in the Marine 4 was an amaz­ing op­por­tu­nity. I loved be­ing on set and learn­ing the way that works! Be­ing in more films and be­ing able to act is a goal. I love the idea of hav­ing an amaz­ing day and chan­nel dif­fer­ent emo­tions into my work. It is such a tal­ent to be able to do that and of course that is some­thing I would love to do and love to study more. Be­ing able to pub­licly speak and host as well and spread pos­i­tiv­ity.

AM: When you have per­sonal time how do you take time for you to cen­ter your­self?

DM: Per­sonal time is some­thing that I am try­ing to work on more and have more of, and give my­self. Be­ing able to cen­ter my­self is hav­ing a good sup­port sys­tem. I cen­ter my­self by go­ing into the gym and hav­ing a great work­out and catch­ing up on some of my fa­vorite shows. Tak­ing time for me. Our per­sonal time is so few and far be­tween, that it’s some­thing I re­ally

have to cher­ish when I have it.

AM: What is your per­sonal style from what you wear when you work out, when you're go­ing out to brunch and for a night out with your friends?

DM: My per­sonal style ranges. I live in work­out clothes and I can be a tom boy. The word ATHLEISURE def­i­nitely suits me. I’m al­ways in my hat on my day off, be­cause I hate wear­ing makeup. I have to let my skin breathe. Work­out clothes all day! What­ever fits and is comfy. I love the girly side too and get styled. My style is very di­verse.

AM: Clearly, you have a great body! What are 3 ex­er­cises that we can in­cor­po­rate for great legs, arms and abs?

DM: For me, some­thing that I started in the Fall that I had never tried be­fore was Pi­lates. I had a lot of re­stric­tions from wrestling as far as my mo­bil­ity and neck. The thing I love about Pi­lates is that it's 50 min­utes and it's full body, but you also use weights. I’ve tried a lot of dif­fer­ent ex­er­cises. Pi­lates re­ally helps shape my arms legs and abs. I had never done a plank un­til Pi­lates and now I see it in my shoul­ders and abs. Its long and length­en­ing. Pi­lates gives me the flex­i­bil­ity and is so safe on the joints and knees. It’s some­thing I re­ally have to think about. You can find all three in Pi­lates.

AM: When it comes to get­ting en­ergy be­fore a work­out what do you sug­gest we should eat?

DM: Some peo­ple are very dif­fer­ent when it comes to eat­ing be­fore work­ing out. Some peo­ple like to eat and some peo­ple like to be empty. I like to be full. I don’t like my stom­ach growl­ing. I like to eat a high pro­tein meal. I pre­fer fats and carbs in each meal I eat. Hav­ing a good piece of chicken or tur­key meat, a good 25/35 gms of pro­tein. You don’t have to get fancy when it comes to caf­feine pre work­out. Black

cof­fee is great. You can’t beat a dou­ble shot of espresso or a black cof­fee be­fore you work out. I al­ways have a shake right af­ter I work out to get my pro­tein in.

AM: When you're hav­ing a bit of a splurge, what is a treat that we can en­joy that tastes deca­dent, but isn't re­ally that bad for you?

DM: I have a sweet tooth. Some­thing for me that I crave is ice cream like crazy and want it all the time. In­stead I buy the fat free Cool Whip from the mar­ket and freeze it. Then it’s like fake ice cream. I just need a lit­tle bit. It’s no fat or carbs and not nearly as bad as ice cream. I find my­self only hav­ing one or two spoon­fuls. It gives me that sat­is­fac­tion.

AM: What char­i­ties or foun­da­tions do you work with and tell us about them.

DM: I work with the DTM Foun­da­tion which was started and by my sis­ter Ni­co­lette Moinet. They work with med­i­cally frag­ile chil­dren at UNC and Duke hospi­tal. Any­time I’m back home in North Carolina I love to help them in any way I can whether it be hospi­tal vis­its or the com­fort cooks pro­gram. We make food for the fam­i­lies that are ba­si­cally liv­ing at the hospi­tal with their chil­dren. With WWE, we are so for­tu­nate to work with so many other great ini­tia­tives in­clude our anti-bul­ly­ing pro­gram Be a STAR, Spe­cial Olympics, Make a Wish, Su­san G. Komen and so many others.

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