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A Con­ver­sa­tion with Spray­ground's

David Ben David

Whether it's via In­sta­gram or can­did shots in your fa­vorite week­lies, you have seen ath­letes, celebs, their chil­dren, en­ter­tain­ers and more rock­ing back­packs that are de­signed at another level (bold graph­ics, wings, fun fab­ri­ca­tions)! From back­packs, ac­ces­sories, and ap­parel - this pop art is a cov­eted fa­vorite that has be­come a col­lectible by those in the know. Known as Spray­ground, its founder and de­signer, David Ben David aka DBD, has taken his love for trav­el­ing, surf­ing and skat­ing to build his em­pire on bags that al­low you to keep it mov­ing! With a back­ground that also em­braces the street art scene - he con­tin­ues to chal­lenge him­self with new de­signs that that have added to the cult phe­nom­e­non of the brand!

As we tran­si­tion into Spring, de­sign­ers are al­ready sea­sons ahead in terms of de­sign, shoot­ing project and be­ing in­spired. We took some time to chat with DBD to find out more about the brand, celebri­ties who have em­braced his col­lec­tions, his col­labor­tions and more.

ATHLEISURE MAG: Tell us about your back­ground and how you came up with Spray­ground?

DAVID BEN DAVID: I love to travel with

bags, from surf­ing to skat­ing when I was a lit­tle kid, I al­ways had bags. But I al­ways had a black bag, so bor­ing and generic, right? So then the idea came to me: let’s spice up this cat­e­gory. There was an op­por­tu­nity there. I just cre­ated one bag, the Hello My Name Is bag, be­cause I was from the whole street art scene, where that sticker is very iconic in my world. So I put it on a bag and it sold out very quickly. I was freak­ing out, be­cause I was, like, am I go­ing to be a one-hit won­der? I had to chal­lenge my­self. So I came up with the Money Stacks bag, [which] was bet­ter than the Hello My Name Is bag and every­one–ev­ery celebrity, ath­lete, mu­si­cian– wore that bag. And ever since then we’re get­ting a lot of trac­tion. We are now sold in over 80 coun­tries.

AM: What is the Spray­ground aes­thetic/ life­style?

DBD: The Spray­ground aes­thetic/life­style can be cat­e­go­rized as be­ing one of am­bi­tion and drive. It's com­prised of lux­ury and the jet set­ter life, al­ways on the move, all the while main­tain­ing a cer­tain level of style that can only be achieved through our unique de­signs and sil­hou­ettes.

AM: Why do you think a num­ber of celebri­ties and en­ter­tain­ers are drawn to this brand?

DBD: Artis­tic, dif­fer­ent, they ap­pre­ci­ate the edgy de­signs and life­style. Bold, you feel em­pow­ered when you put on Spray­ground.

AM: Who is the Spray­ground guy and girl?

DBD: Spray­ground's de­mo­graphic is so vast as we have kids from ages 12-16 to adults and celebri­ties like Chris Brown, Odell Beck­ham Jr and Spike Lee wear­ing our bags.

I would say our core demo is 17-30, cur­rently skewed male, how­ever; our fe­male de­mo­graphic is ex­pand­ing dras­ti­cally, espe­cially since we launched a fe­male ori­ented cap­sule for our 2016 Back to School Col­lec­tion in early June and will con­tinue to launch fe­male ori­ented cap­sules called “The Duchess” col­lec­tion.

Spray­ground’s guy and girl is al­ter­na­tive, edgy, col­lec­tive, fun and fash­ion­able.

AM: In ad­di­tion to your core line, you have a num­ber of col­lab­o­ra­tions or spe­cial col­lec­tions - what have been some of your fa­vorites and what should we keep an eye for out this Spring and Sum­mer?

DBD: Spongebob was a cool story. The ac­tual cre­ator of Spongebob ap­proved the de­signs him­self, which they never ap­prove any­thing. We have a Simp­sons col­lab­o­ra­tion launch­ing that the cre­ator of Sim­spons ap­proved those de­signs as well. Keep an eye out for more ex­cit­ing col­lab­o­ra­tions com­ing this Back to School sea­son!

[When asked who DBD would like to see wear­ing the brand] Happy see­ing "peo­ple," all peo­ple are celebri­ties un­der God's eyes.

AM: What are your per­sonal fa­vorites in your lines?

DBD: Each bag I cre­ate is like a new baby... I love them all.. I cre­ated them.

AM: Who would you love to see wear­ing Spray­ground that has yet to rock it?

DBD: Happy see­ing “peo­ple," all peo­ple are celebri­ties un­der God’s eyes.

AM: Where do you find in­spi­ra­tion when you are think­ing of the next sea­son or cam­paign?

| PHO­TOS COUR­TESY Spray­ground | PG 106 | Odell Beck­ham Jr; NFL Gi­ants | LEFT | Young Thug; Rap­per | RIGHT | Ruby Rose; DJ, Ac­tress, Model, Record­ing Ac­tress, TV Pre­sen­ter, For­mer MTV VJ | BE­LOW | Chris Brown |

DBD: Liv­ing in this cre­ative and vi­brant city, New York. Also, trav­el­ing. In each sea­son, ev­ery piece tells a dif­fer­ent story. Our col­lec­tions play and have mul­ti­ple dif­fer­ent themes. Ev­ery cam­paign has en­ergy and color. We cater to every­one.

AM: In your per­sonal time, where can we find you brunch­ing, go­ing to happy hour and work­ing out?

DBD: 4 thinks I like: Fam­ily, Trav­el­ing, G-d and cre­at­ing.

AM: When you're not de­sign­ing where or what can we find you do­ing?

DBD: I'm al­ways in a state of cre­at­ing... build­ing a brand is like fight­ing a bat­tle.. the sec­ond u stop, the next brand can ad­vance.. it's about al­ways be­ing new, in­no­va­tive and build­ing and mo­ti­vat­ing a team around you.

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