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Life is what you make of it - but then again it's about the lessons that you learn along the way as you cre­ate your world. Set in the world of the pub­lish­ing in­dus­try, How to Mur­der Your Life is a can­did me­moir of Sex, Drugs, and climb­ing the lad­der of the beauty in­dus­try within the cov­eted halls of some of the most iconic mag­a­zines.

We fol­low Cat from her early days of cre­at­ing zines and fall­ing in love with mag­a­zines, rock­ers and more. In ad­di­tion, she un­abashadly shares her early spi­ral which led to board­ing schools, med­i­ca­tion, her de­ter­mi­na­tion to fo­cus and even­tu­ally leav­ing school to come to NYC.

Cat con­tin­ued to bal­ance her wild life­style while also be­ing com­mit­ted to be­ing a Beauty Ed­i­tor. Through­out the novel, Cat's world comes into con­tact with Nev from Cat­fish, some of the most promi­nant beauty and edi­tors in chief and more!

Pub­lish­ing his­tory is wo­ven through­out her me­moir as it fol­lows the rise of on­line, the need to main­tain tra­di­tional mag­a­zines and the re­al­iza­tion of the merger of old and new me­dia to­gether. Whether we fol­low Cat in the crazy nightlife scene, through the halls of Glam­our, Lucky, Vice, xo Jane, or at her low­est points bat­tling her ad­dic­tions - we re­al­ize that Cat is a fighter who owns who she is and her de­sire to make a bet­ter place for her­self.

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