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Ath­letes train long hours for those mo­ments that we see them on the field. The Se­cret to Vic­tory looks at ath­letes that are on top of their game, but how one mo­ment that took place dur­ing their game­day, changed their lives.

This branded pod­cast, in part­ner-

ship with Gim­let Me­dia and Ga­torade, in­cludes in­ter­views with Eli and Pey­ton Manning on their first sea­son, Ser­ena Wil­liams and more. The show fo­cuses on how th­ese ath­letes and more took their heartache in their sport to be­come leg­ends and icons. They take their chal­lenges and al­low this to fuel them for their fu­ture suc­cesses.

Tbe Se­cret to Vic­tory is hosted by ESPN writer and for­mer NFL player Domonique Fox­worth.

In a world where we are con­stantly find­ing the best way for goods and ser­vices to fit in our ev­ery­day life­styles, we still find that there are ar­eas that are lack­ing in in­no­va­tions when it comes to fem­i­nine prod­ucts. In­ter­est­ingly enough, we sat down with Laura Good­man, Se­nior Sci­en­tist, Tam­pax & Al­ways to talk about the Al­ways My Fit Sys­tem which is a game changer in al­low­ing women to fi­nally find their per­fect fit when it comes to man­ag­ing that time of the month.

ATH­LEISURE MAG: There have been a num­ber of in­no­va­tions for Al­ways' as­sort­ment of prod­ucts. In the his­tory of the brand, what have been key in­ven­tions that have led the com­pany to where it is to­day?

LAURA GOOD­MAN: The Al­ways brand has led in­no­va­tions in the fem­i­nine care space for more than 30 years. From in­tro­duc­ing pads with wings to the devel­op­ment of FlexFoam™, a ground­break­ing tech­nol­ogy that makes Al­ways In­fin­ity® one of the most in­no­va­tive pads on the mar­ket – Al­ways has been at the fore­front of the fem­i­nine care in­dus­try. The Al­ways My Fit sys­tem is our lat­est ad­vance­ment in the fem­i­nine care cat­e­gory. The sys­tem helps girls and women choose the best pe­riod pro­tec­tion for them, based on their panty size and flow to help pre­vent pe­riod leaks and to en­sure girls and women ex­pe­ri­ence their best com­fort dur­ing that time of the month.

AM: With this new pad sys­tem, what was the thought process be­hind cre­at­ing th­ese op­tions for women?

LG: When we learned that over 80% of women ex­pe­ri­ence leaks each month, and that in­ad­e­quate pad cov­er­age was a lead­ing cause, we knew we had to do some­thing to help the 60% of women wear­ing the wrong size pad. Women aren’t one size fits all, so why should their pe­riod pro­tec­tion be? The Al­ways My Fit Siz­ing sys­tem helps women find their right size pad based on their panty size and flow.

AM: What was the process like in cre­at­ing 5 pads?

LG: Al­ways sci­en­tists have spent years re­search­ing the most com­mon rea­sons for pad leaks, and wear­ing the wrong size pad is one of the lead­ing causes. Re­search shows that leaks hap­pen the most in the front and the back, so find­ing the right size for ad­e­quate front-to-back cov­er­age is a way to avoid leaks. By of­fer­ing 5 sizes, 3 for day­time pro­tec­tion and 2 for night, women have the abil­ity to find their right size cov­er­age 24/7. Un­der­stand ing that cov­er­age needs to be based on panty size AND flow, some women might start their pe­riod in a size 3 for day and 5 for night, and end their pe­riod in a size 2 for day and 4 for night. We want a woman to feel that her pe­riod pro­tec­tion is cus­tom­iz­a­ble to her flow, and by of­fer­ing 5 sizes, we have done just that.

AM: How can some­one go about find­ing out what the best pad(s) would be for their life­style?

LG: By ref­er­enc­ing the new Al­ways My Fit siz­ing chart, found on the top of ev­ery Al­ways pack, and at Al­, women can find their right size pad based on their panty size and flow. We have in­stalled this siz­ing sys­tem across our Al­ways In­fin­ity, Ul­tra and Maxi lines to en­sure that women can cus­tom­ize their pro­tec­tion across our prod­ucts no mat­ter the day of the month.

AM: It's in­ter­est­ing to see how per­son­al­iza­tion/cus­tomiza­tion is mak­ing head­way across ver­ti­cals and how Al­ways has em­braced this with its new­est of­fer­ing - are there other in­no­va­tions that we should keep an eye out for that will con­tinue to tar­get women's life­styles?

LG: Al­ways is a brand that is AL­WAYS in­no­vat­ing. We keep the peo­ple who use our brand top of mind and when there is a need for prod­uct, we aim to de­velop it. You’ll have to stay tuned!

AM: How long did it take from con­cep­tion to bring­ing this out to mar­ket?

LG: It took us a few years. We worked with girls and women from all across the coun­try to make sure we were get­ting it right.

AM: Where can we go to find out more about th­ese new items?

LG: To learn more about the new sizing­ing chart, and to take the Al­ways My Fit siz­ing quiz.

Al­ways and Ath­leisure Mag are part­ner­ing up to give away 2 sets of Al­ways My Fit to 2 lucky win­ners. Each win­ner will re­ceive sizes 1-5 so that you can try it out for your­self. To en­ter to win, follow, Tweet @Ath­leisureMag and @Al­ways and share an item on your buck­etlist that you plan on tack­ling this sum­mer with con­fi­dence and in­clude #Al­waysMyFit. The con­test starts now and will end on Aug 11th.

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