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My role on the show is to show how I am able to ad­just when the guests change their minds with food choices and how to in­ter­act with the rest of the crew. I learned to just keep my head down and make great food con­fi­dently that I can be proud of! I'm not the captain and I can't say no. I also know since I have been on for a few sea­sons, that the pro­duc­tion team can be in­ter­est­ing and they can put to­gether whole sen­tences that you never said and lit­er­ally, put words in your mouth.

I called them out on one the other day and said, "I never said that – I know I didn’t." They sent me back an emoji like . That was se­ri­ously the re­sponse that I got! On the op­po­site side, there are times when the sto­ry­lines are go­ing your way! This sea­son, I didn’t give them a lot to jumble up, I kept it clean and I just cooked good food the whole time. I didn’t get in­volved with any­one. I should have watched my lan­guage bet­ter, but they wouldn’t hire me if I wasn’t go­ing to say those things.

AM: What makes the show so suc­cess­ful?

CAG: Peo­ple are cu­ri­ous about yachting. On a tra­di­tional boat, peo­ple will pay up to 1 mil­lion dol­lars for th­ese kinds of trips. Most peo­ple are not book­ing th­ese char­ters and they want to be able to be­hind the scenes which is why the rat­ings of this show on a Tues. night are do­ing so well!

AM: You def­i­nitely stayed out of the drama this sea­son, but it seems that Con­rad has re­ally had a rough go of this sea­son!

CAG: I re­mem­ber the first day that Con­rad started dat­ing Han­nah, I told him it was a bad idea and that he needed to nip it in the bud. I took him to an area where they weren't film­ing so I could just talk to him. I guess he's young and there's only so much you can tell peo­ple be­fore they have to learn the hard way. You'll see that as you go through the sea­son that it's a bad idea.

AM: As the Ad­ven­ture Chef, does that mean we won't see you on Be­low Deck Mediter­ranean next sea­son? CAG: Oh no, I am ac­tu­ally go­ing to fly to the South of France as the next sea­son is film­ing soon - so that's an­other 6 weeks with the team.

AM: How big is the pro­duc­tion crew?

CAG: Com­monly when you watch, you’ll see a sail­boat with 2 masts and looks very old school, it’s in all the shots they're on that boat. Ev­ery morn­ing they shut­tle be­tween the sec­ond boat and the ho­tels. There are 70 peo­ple in that crew. All on lo­ca­tion at any time 20-30 are on the boat. What­ever union rules are, as they are union, you can only han­dle the cam­era for X amount of hours a day and then they swap.

They work as hard as we do for sure. They’re on the boat and it’s not a lot of room.

AM: The show has been a great spring board. Tell us about your Jazz Ap­ples.

CAG: It's been a cool ride and there have been a lot of cool op­por­tu­ni­ties that have come out of it like the Jazz Ap­ples. They called me and asked if I wanted to do a road­trip. I was in as that’s what I do. I’m pro­mot­ing my­self as the Ad­ven­ture Chef and th­ese guys are pro­mot­ing them­selves as the Ad­ven­ture Ap­ple – it’s an ap­ple that you would take a pic­ture with on the side of the cliff and I like to be on the side of a cliff with my van. They gave me a case of the ap­ples to see what I would do with it. That’s how Jazz Ap­ples and I came to­gether through this great brand align­ment.

AM: We can't wait to see more of you as the Ad­ven­ture Chef.

CAG: See­ing brands like REI, Patag­o­nia, Out­door World etc. that are push­ing for out­door cook­ing - it's where it's headed and I'm thank­ful to be on the fore­front of it.


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