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If you’ve read my re­views and col­umns over the years, you know I’m a sucker for de­vice charg­ing.

If there is a new ca­ble or a bat­tery or any other gad­get that will keep my phone or watch or com­puter charged, I want it.

Of course, you can own only so many ex­ter­nal bat­ter­ies be­fore you re­ally don’t need any more, but luck­ily for me, these charg­ing gad­gets keep get­ting bet­ter, faster or more pow­er­ful.

Here are a cou­ple that I’ve been en­joy­ing for the past month:

MyCharge Un­Plugged 10K

I’ve car­ried ex­ter­nal bat­ter­ies for as long as there have been ex­ter­nal bat­ter­ies.

The truth is, they all func­tion the same. You charge them from a power source, and the in­ter­nal bat­ter­ies store the power to charge your phone when you’re away from a plug.

Some bat­ter­ies are small enough to slip into your pocket; oth­ers are large enough to keep you pow­ered up for a week or more.

I’ve been a fan of myCharge bat­ter­ies for a few years, and I’ve been test­ing the Un­Plugged 10K ($69.99) for a few weeks.

I im­me­di­ately put it into daily use. In fact, I had to un­plug it from its spot on my desk at work to carry it around for a few days.

The big fea­ture of the Un­Plugged 10K is a wire­less charg­ing pad built into the bat­tery.

As the name im­plies, the Un­plugged 10K has a 10,000 mil­liamp-hour bat­tery that can charge my iPhone 8 Plus al­most four times. I love the fact that I can just set my iPhone down on the bat­tery with­out car­ry­ing around a charg­ing ca­ble.

The Un­Plugged 10K also has two USB ports, so you can charge three gad­gets at a time — two wired and one wire­less.

The Un­Plugged 10K has a cool fea­ture that lets you use it as a desk­top charger. If you keep it plugged into a power out­let, you can set your phone on it, and it will charge the phone and keep the bat­tery topped up. That way you can charge your phone each day and un­plug it and toss it in your bag to use on the road with a full charge.

The 10K is the largest bat­tery in the Un­Plugged line. There are sev­eral more in­ex­pen­sive mod­els with less bat­tery ca­pac­ity.

Pros: In­ex­pen­sive. Sev­eral ca­pac­i­ties. Wire­less charg­ing. Cons: None. Bot­tom line: If you own a phone with wire­less charg­ing, the Un­Plugged 10K is the per­fect ex­ter­nal bat­tery for you.

EasyAcc Bat­tery Case with wire­less charg­ing for iPhone X

I’ve been us­ing bat­tery cases since they’ve been avail­able for my var­i­ous iPhones.

Those cases had to use the

iPhone’s charge/sync jack to trans­fer power to the phone, which added size to the bat­tery case and made the phone a bit cum­ber­some to carry in a pocket.

My last Mo­phie charg­ing case ex­tended about half an inch be­low the bot­tom of the phone to in­cor­po­rate the charg­ing jack.

Now that iPhones can charge wire­lessly, we are start­ing to see ex­ter­nal bat­tery cases that con­form more to the shape of the phone. The EasyAcc Bat­tery Case for iPhone X is the first case I’ve re­viewed that charges the phone wire­lessly. It has a foot­print that mim­ics the iPhone X, but it is 0.76 inches thick.

The bat­tery case charges two ways: through a USB-C port on top or wire­lessly through the back of the case.

So you can keep the iPhone X in the EasyAcc bat­tery case and use your desk­top wire­less charger to keep both de­vices charged.

You can also use the bat­tery case to charge other de­vices through the USB-C port.

The fact that the USB port is on top means the case leaves the Light­ning port open on the bot­tom of the phone for trans­fer­ring data or play­ing mu­sic.

The only in­ter­face on the case is a sin­gle but­ton that has a few func­tions. Press it once quickly to check the bat­tery level on the but­ton’s LED. Press it for 5 sec­onds to start charg­ing the phone or ex­ter­nal de­vice, and press it for 2 sec­onds to stop charg­ing.

The EasyAcc bat­tery case has a 5,000 mAh in­ter­nal bat­tery that can charge the iPhone X just about twice.

The case is avail­able from Ama­zon for $49.99 and in­cludes a glass screen pro­tec­tor.

Pros: In­ex­pen­sive. Wire­less charg­ing. USB-C port to power the bat­tery or to charge de­vices.

Cons: A bit thick, but the in­ter­nal bat­tery and charg­ing hard­ware dic­tate thick­ness.

Bot­tom line: This is a bat­tery case that fits well and also gives a good amount of ex­ter­nal pro­tec­tion.


MyCharge Un­Plugged 10K lets you charge three things at once: two wired, one wire­less.

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