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Re: July 7 com­men­tary “Try a lit­tle eco­nomic re­al­ism.”

David Brooks, one of the few bril­liant and bal­anced con­ser­va­tive thinkers, went a bit awry. He chas­tises the “De­mand Siders” de­spite his­tor­i­cal proof of the suc­cess of Key­ne­sian eco­nom­ics.

Brooks goes on to ac­cuse De­mand Siders of be­ing “strangers to doubt and mod­esty.” The lat­ter is clearly the most com­mon and egre­gious char­ac­ter­is­tic of the right: al­ways dead cer­tain.

Fi­nally, Brooks closes with that spine­less and phony charge of leav­ing a debt bur­den on our grand­chil­dren. Be­fore World War II, con­ser­va­tive Repub­li­cans were iso­la­tion­ists, pre­sum­ably to avoid sad­dling their grand­chil­dren with enor­mous debt. Well, the huge debt bur­den that en­sued was his­tor­i­cally un­par­al­leled. To­day, we are the grand­chil­dren they spoke of.

Are we so bad off ? Are we mired in poverty? Is the U.S. a global weak­ling? The tea party ob­ses­sion with debt is a sham. I think we know what the tea party re­ally ob­jects to.

TeRRy Bishop ter­ry­


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