Take wed­ding fo­cus off your friend’s hair

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Dear Abby: I am be­ing mar­ried in Oc­to­ber and asked my best friend of 19 years to be my maid of honor. “Bri­anna” likes to dye the bot­tom of her hair red. I asked her to take the red out of her hair for the wed­ding, but she flat-out re­fused! When I told her that it is my wed­ding and I don’t want any red hair be­cause it won’t match my color scheme, her ex­act words were, “I don’t care.”

Am I wrong for ask­ing Bri­anna to re­move the dye? How do I get her to re­al­ize this is my wed­ding and I don’t want to be up­staged? Please help me.

— See­ing Red in Mary­land

Dear See­ing Red: I’ll try. When you picked your best friend of 19 years to stand up with you at your wed­ding, you knew what she looked like. Ei­ther you should have picked an­other color scheme for the pro­duc­tion, or cho­sen a cast mem­ber who was suit­ably mousy that she wouldn’t dim your spot­light. Please note that I am us­ing the­atri­cal terms be­cause you have lost sight of what a wed­ding re­ally should be. What a shame.

Dear Abby: I am 20, and my life seems to be go­ing nowhere. I grad­u­ated from high school two years ago and have put off go­ing to col­lege. I am obese and have no willpower to ex­er­cise to get healthy. I’m con­stantly think­ing about the past. In high school I had few friends, none of whom keep in touch with me.

I re­cently bumped into a for­mer guy friend at a store. We were close dur­ing my ju­nior year, but he ig­nored me in my se­nior year. At the store, he didn’t speak to me, which was hurt­ful. It re­minded me of the pain I felt back in school. I al­ways felt so alone.

My dream is to be an ac­tress, go back to school and lose weight. But I can’t ac­tu­ally see my­self ac­com­plish­ing any of it. I don’t know what to do with my­self any­more. Can you of­fer me some guid­ance?

— Go­ing Crazy in Phoenix

Dear Go­ing Crazy: I’m glad you wrote, be­cause you might suf­fer from long-term de­pres­sion. Please sched­ule an ap­point­ment with a doc­tor and tell him or her ex­actly what you have de­scribed to me. With help, you might be able to stop need­ing to com­fort your­self with food and find the en­ergy you need to be­come more ac­tive.

If you want to be an ac­tress, see what act­ing classes are avail­able in Phoenix and if there is any re­gional theater. Not all ac­tresses have to be skinny.

And one more thing: The for­mer class­mate you saw in the store might not have seen you, which is why he didn’t say hello, or he might not have ma­tured since grad­u­a­tion. This is not a re­flec­tion of what you are worth — it’s a re­flec­tion on him.

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