Al­mond but­ter gives noo­dles a healthy boost

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Cold peanut noo­dles al­ready are among the health­ier choices when it comes to Asian take­out, yet there still is plenty of room for im­prove­ment.

While nuts are an ex­cel­lent pro­tein and can be part of a health­ful diet, peanut but­ter is rel­a­tively high in fat and calo­ries, but turn­ing this deca­dent noo­dle dish into a meal rich in nu­tri­ents, com­plex car­bo­hy­drates and health­ier fats is easy when you make it from scratch.

For ex­tra fiber and nu­tri­ents in our chili-lime al­mond but­ter noo­dles, whole-wheat fet­tuc­cine is used in­stead of white pasta. And don’t get stuck on shape; any va­ri­ety of whole-grain pasta can be sub­sti­tuted. Next, the sauce is made with al­mond but­ter (for the ex­tra nu­tri­tional punch they of­fer over peanut but­ter) spiked with tangy lime juice, spicy chili-gar­lic sauce and minced fresh gin­ger. The en­tire dish gets a nu­tri­tional bonus with the ad­di­tion of a sub­stan­tial amount of fill­ing, low-in-calo­rie, but high-in-nutri­ent veg­eta­bles, which for con­ve­nience are cooked in the same wa­ter as the pasta.

Look for chili-gar­lic sauce in the Asian sec­tion of your mar­ket, or in a pinch sub­sti­tute a few cloves of minced gar­lic and crushed pep­per flakes to taste.

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