Voy­ager 1 en­ters new re­gion of so­lar sys­tem

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af­flu­ent se­niors.

In an ef­fort to give their pro­posal added cred­i­bil­ity, Repub­li­cans said their coun­terof­fer is close to num­bers sug­gested last year by Ersk­ine Bowle, the Demo­cratic co-chair­man of the pres­i­dent’s deficit re­duc­tion task force. Bowles said last week that his num­bers were not so much a plan as a backof-the-en­ve­lope sug­ges­tion of how a deal could be struck that would be some­where be­tween Obama’s po­si­tion and Boehner’s dur­ing their talks last year.

With just weeks left to find a so­lu­tion, the par­ties re­main far apart on sub­stance. The White House is in­sist­ing that tax in­creases in­clude higher tax rates on af­flu­ent house­holds, a for­mula that Repub­li­cans con­tinue to re­ject.

“The new rev­enue in the Bowles plan would not be achieved through higher tax rates, which we con­tinue to op­pose and will not agree to in or­der to pro­tect small busi­nesses and our econ­omy,” the Repub­li­can let­ter said. “In­stead, new rev­enue would be gen­er­ated through pro-growth tax re­form that closes spe­cial­in­ter­est loop­holes and de­duc­tions while low­er­ing rates.” LOS AN­GE­LES — The unstoppable Voy­ager 1 space­craft has sailed into a new realm of the so­lar sys­tem that sci­en­tists did not know ex­isted.

Voy­ager 1 and its twin, Voy­ager 2, have been speed­ing away from the sun to­ward in­ter­stel­lar space, or the space be­tween stars.

Over the sum­mer, Voy­ager 1, which is far­ther along in its jour­ney, crossed into this new re­gion where the ef­fects from the out­side can be felt.

Voy­ager 1 is on track to be­come the first man­made ob­ject to exit the so­lar sys­tem. Stone es­ti­mated Voy­ager 1 still has two to three years to travel be­fore reach­ing the boundary that sep­a­rates the so­lar sys­tem from the rest of space.

The Voy­agers launched 35 years ago on a mis­sion to tour the outer plan­ets.

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