The Longhorns lost their fi­nal game of the reg­u­lar sea­son, 42-24, to Kansas State. We asked: Does coach Mack Brown have what it takes to re­turn Texas to promi­nence when he has won one of his last 11 games against AP Top 25 clubs?


Michael Cruz: Mack Brown is a great coach. He did a lot for Texas dur­ing his time. Texas needs a mo­ti­va­tional coach that will turn this unit around and get them on fire.

Lau­rie Pruser-Stock­man: Yes, play­ing 16 fresh­men has to be taken into ac­count, doesn’t it?

Heron Baggett: Mac wasn’t “given” the quar­ter­backs, he re­cruited them. The fact that Mac tried re­cruit­ing Johnny Foot­ball and RG3 as de­fen­sive backs rather than quar­ter­backs says a lot about the lack

of tal­ent eval­u­a­tion.

Paul Delacruz: Texas should have joined the PAC 10 and not cre­ated the Longhorn Net­work.

Brian Ortego: Red Mc­Combs stated that “this is a de­ci­sion that Mack Brown will have to make for him­self.” Sounds like Texas will have a new coach next year!

Kevin Mur­phey: Texas’ prob­lem is that they don’t have the lead­er­ship on the field like they did with Colt McCoy, Vince Young, etc. They need some­one, any­one, to get on the field and rally the team when we are down by 3 in the fourth quar­ter with four min­utes to go.

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