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Arm­ing teach­ers

Re: Dec. 18 ar­ti­cle, “Perry: Let Tex­ans be armed in pub­lic.”

Gov. Rick Perry thinks it’s a good idea for teach­ers to be armed in the class­room. As the mother of an ele­men­tary teacher in Texas, I be­lieve it is un­rea­son­able that he would have to carry a weapon in the class­room and be pre­pared to use it to pro­tect his lit­tle charges. Teach­ers have many re­spon­si­bil­i­ties th­ese days — test­ing, test­ing, and more test­ing, cou­pled with try­ing to pro­vide a sta­ble en­vi­ron­ment for kids who have lit­tle of that at home. Now the gov­er­nor wants teach­ers to be­come se­cu­rity guards as well? Pretty soon he’ll have teach­ers cook­ing lunch and swabbing down the bath­rooms.

Perry should re­think this one. Ev­ery­one wants to keep our chil­dren safe. If we do, we’re go­ing to have to pay for it by re­strict­ing ac­cess to guns and to hire trained se­cu­rity guards at ev­ery school.

NRA’s re­sponse

Gun owner in­surance

Arm­ing more teach­ers to stop the over-in­fil­tra­tion of as­sault weapons is like open­ing up the bor­ders to stop the il­le­gal flow of dope. It’s ig­no­rant and it ain’t gonna work.

Be­sides ban­ning as­sault weapons and mas­sive clips, maybe we could make gun own­ers more re­spon­si­ble by de­mand­ing they be in­sured. Car own­ers have to be in­sured and busi­nesses have to be in­sured. Why not gun own­ers? I bet once the in­surance com­pa­nies started mak­ing mas­sive pay­outs the amount of gun-hug­ging cra­zies would de­crease rapidly. Not only that but I think drug test­ing gun own­ers and ask­ing a cou­ple of men­tal aware­ness ques­tions wouldn’t be a bad idea ei­ther. Af­ter all, I have to take a drug test to get a job and I doubt I could do as much dam­age as some­one with an AR-15 in a crowded school room. Bet­ter safe than sorry, that’s all I’m say­ing.

I am puz­zled by the NRA’s re­sponse to the mass shoot­ings at Sandy Hook Ele­men­tary School and the Aurora, Colo., movie the­ater. Don’t they re­al­ize that even a trained pis­tol-armed se­cu­rity of­fi­cer would have been out-gunned? A re­source of­fi­cer would have been an added ca­su­alty in both of th­ese mass shoot­ings. You can­not face a de­ter­mined as­sailant armed with a high­ca­pac­ity, rapid-fir­ing AR-15 mil­i­tary ri­fle with a pis­tol and ex­pect to pre­vail and pro­tect any­one. We need to do what we can as a so­ci­ety to re­move the mil­i­tary weapons from the equa­tion.

‘Be Kind’ jer­seys

Af­ter ex­pe­ri­enc­ing the mur­der of two older brothers, I chose to spon­sor a Lit­tle League base­ball team in 1995 and named it “Be Kind,” which the play­ers wore on the back of their jer­seys. Isn’t it past time for Amer­i­cans to get some non­vi­o­lent, en­cour­ag­ing and peace­ful mes­sages out in the hearts of our lit­tle teach­able kids? What would your name be?

Gun rights

Politi­cians want to dis­arm Amer­i­cans, the pre­tense of prevent­ing mass killings. They cre­ate/ad­ver­tise gun­free zones, mur­ders oc­cur in schools, movie the­aters, malls, etc., no po­lice re­sis­tance. They want to limit the type of gun/mag­a­zine size we can have while crim­i­nals, ter­ror­ists, de­ranged peo­ple will steal or smug­gle in theirs.

We the peo­ple have the right to own the gun/mag­a­zine that equals the gun/mag­a­zine of a de­ranged crim­i­nal or ter­ror­ists. Politi­cians don’t live in the real world; they ex­pect us to be de­fense­less, call 911 and wait.

If you choose not to de­fend your­self, that is your free­dom; do not re­strict those who are will­ing to pro­tect their fam­i­lies, chil­dren and you if need be. We are the in­stant re­spon­ders. We have the right to pro­tect our fam­i­lies, schools, etc. Amer­ica has be­come more vi­o­lent.

Pflugerville school board

Re: Dec. 14 ar­ti­cle, “Pflugerville district votes to keep ben­e­fits.”

Hooray for the Pflugerville school board and shame on the mean-spir­ited folks who would deny ex­tend­ing health ben­e­fits to domestic part­ners. Those ben­e­fits will be paid for by the em­ployee, not PISD, so where’s the quar­rel ex­cept that self-right­eous, mis­guided “moral­ists” per­sist in stir­ring up con­tro­versy where there should be none.

The ‘C’ word

Don’t worry! I’m not go­ing to ut­ter the “C” word! What dif­fer­ence does it make, any­way? To me, at rest be­side the shin­ing tree, the si­lence is deaf­en­ing. Ad af­ter ad goes by on tele­vi­sion: “Happy Hol­i­days!” There’s a hol­low sound to it. Af­ter all, don’t we speak of the spirit of “C”? Don’t we yearn that it would last all year? Peace on Earth, good will to­ward men? The spirit of giv­ing the truly pre­cious? And what is the spirit of the “hol­i­days”?

I con­tend that it is the fruit of an­other tree, that shades the frenzy of buy­ing and sell­ing and keeps our econ­omy lurch­ing along— a spirit that is one-di­men­sional, ma­te­rial and ul­ti­mately un­sat­is­fy­ing. What a sweet re­lief to walk the aisles of H-E-B and hear the “C” word in lilt­ing an­cient melodies. Songs of de­liv­er­ance. The hope of much bet­ter things. My heart hangs on ev­ery word. The Austin Amer­i­can-States­man en­cour­ages email and faxes from read­ers. Please in­clude a full name, ad­dress and day­time and evening phone num­bers.We edit let­ters for brevity, gram­mar, style and clar­ity. Edited let­ters ad­dress a sin­gle idea and do not ex­ceed 150 words.Anony­mous let­ters will not be pub­lished. Let­ters be­come prop­erty of the Austin Amer­i­canS­tates­man. Send emails to let­ters@ states­ Mail to: Let­ters to the Ed­i­tor, P.O. Box 670,Austin,TX 78767.

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