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Even be­fore we drove it, this “dif­fer­ently shaped” four-seat Fer­rari had earned our thumbs-up sim­ply for its bravura unique­ness. “I love wag­ons!” Pil­grim summed up—though the Lusso T is about as far from a Wagon Queen Fam­ily Truck­ster as Clark W. Gris­wold could get.

Fer­rari first un­veiled the V-12, all-wheel-drive GTC 4 Lusso as an im­proved fol­low-up to the FF— pop­u­lar for fam­ily ski­ing get­aways among Europe’s well-heeled St. Moritz set. Now comes the more “af­ford­able” Lusso T—which drops the nat­u­rally aspi­rated V-12 in fa­vor of a tur­bocharged V-8 and trades the AWD system for a sim­pler reardrive setup (and a claimed weight sav­ings of 121 pounds).

The re­sult is a pranc­ing horse of a slightly dif­fer­ent color. You’ll save about $45K pick­ing the V-8 over the V-12. Range im­proves by about 30 per­cent. And there’s a bit more live­li­ness in the Lusso T’s spright­lier front end (though you won’t en­joy the same trac­tion on slip­pery sur­faces).

Oth­er­wise, the two cars are re­mark­ably sim­i­lar. The speed is still there: Fer­rari claims the Lusso T is just one-tenth slower to 60 mph than the V-12 (and the turbo V-8 makes a lot more torque). The shifter is the same bril­liant sev­en­speed dual-clutch unit. The cock­pit is the same sump­tu­ous space of rich Ital­ian leather. Said Pil­grim: “I’d buy a can of air fresh­ener if it smelled like the Lusso’s in­te­rior.” And, yes, you re­ally can fit two full­size adults in those rear seats.

So why no All-Stars win­ner tro­phy? “Nice-look­ing ma­chine, but it re­ally doesn’t say ‘Fer­rari’ to me,” Cum­ber­ford said. No­orde­loos added: “Its steer­ing is too quick and self-cen­ter­ing.” Said Wasef:

“It’s en­tranc­ing on the road, but on the track I wanted to like it more. Shouldn’t ev­ery Fer­rari ac­quit it­self on the cir­cuit?”

In short, it’s a great car com­pet­ing in a re­ally great year. — Arthur St. An­toine

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