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THE ICE IS 39 inches thick, a slab of frozen wa­ter span­ning the width of Lake Sa­ca­comie, two hours north of Montreal. The barks of Ital­ian V-10 and V-12 en­gines rake across the cold as a hand­ful of Lam­borgh­ini Hu­racáns, Hu­racán Per­for­mantes, and Aven­tadaors sling side­ways through the gray.

This is the Lam­borgh­ini Win­ter Ac­cademia, a two-day icedriv­ing pro­gram de­signed to al­low par­tic­i­pants to ex­plore a hand­ful of high-horse­power, all-wheel-drive Lam­borgh­ini mod­els in a low-con­se­quence, low-grip en­vi­ron­ment. In­struc­tors are all pro­fes­sional driv­ers, all here to help you coax th­ese ma­chines around a set of cour­ses de­signed to fa­mil­iar­ize driv­ers with the fi­nesse re­quired to pitch a Lam­borgh­ini side­ways and keep it there.

This is not stan­dard op­er­at­ing pro­ce­dure for an all­wheel-drive su­per­car, even one with 602 horse­power like the Hu­racán LP610-4, but here, where trac­tion is a faint mem­ory, the cars are glad to throw their tails out. The morn­ing starts on a power cir­cle, a mas­sive skid­pad with cen­ter and sides made of soft, deep snow. The in­struc­tor chats ami­ably as he slings the car around in a series of easy, per­fect drifts be­fore hand­ing over the wheel.

Some­how, th­ese cars are made for this. The V-10 be­hind the seats is a per­fect pen­du­lum, easy to swing and catch, and with gen­tle prod­ding from the teacher, you learn to hold a slide for one lap, then two, then three. With your nose pointed at the bank in the mid­dle of a slide, more throt­tle will sling you wide. Less will tidy up your line. It takes some ad­just­ment, but the new skill car­ries through the rest of the day’s ac­tiv­i­ties, cul­mi­nat­ing with push­ing a Per­for­mante around a tech­ni­cal ice course.

The Ac­cademia is part of the com­pany’s Squadra Corse pro­gram, a tiered sys­tem that al­lows driv­ers to go as far as they like down the mo­tor­sports rab­bit hole, from play­ing around on world-class race­tracks and get­ting a bit of driv­ing in­struc­tion on frozen lakes all the way to the com­pany’s Su­per Tro­feo race series and, even­tu­ally, the GT3 race pro­gram. The only catch: You have to be one of the com­pany’s car-buy­ing cus­tomers to par­tic­i­pate. Boo, Lam­borgh­ini, booooo. — Zach Bow­man

Saint-Alex­is­des-Monts, Canada

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