911 GT2

Automobile - - Classic -

Value (low/high): $120,000/$300,000

“GT2 was very lim­ited pro­duc­tion, and for the last cou­ple years they brought them into the U.S. (2004’05), I’d have to look at the num­bers, but they sold some­thing like 20 cars—next to noth­ing. When they were new, they weren’t sell­ing. What’s in­ter­est­ing now is that there’s this feed­ing frenzy for the GT cars. You have guys pay­ing mas­sive amounts over sticker. That wasn’t the case then. You could have walked into the dealer and bought a GT3 or a GT2 and paid sticker or maybe even have got­ten a deal on the car. It’s a lit­tle weird.” AM

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