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1. No­tice the slight in­den­ta­tion of the en­tire roof sec­tion.

2. The in­den­ta­tion theme is picked up in the cen­ter of the hood, lead­ing the eye to the Fly­ing Lady as ob­served by the driver and any frontseat pas­sen­ger.

3. The one won­der­fully dis­tinct part of R-R vi­su­als was the strict three-el­e­ment straight lines of the ra­di­a­tor shell cap.

That’s gone now, and this soft curve is dis­mally generic and undis­tin­guished. Only the strict ver­ti­cal sides and grille bars save

the pre­sen­ta­tion. But it’s def­i­nitely not good in my opin­ion. I think it’s pos­si­ble to work with the orig­i­nal, even on a mod­ern shape.

4. These slots are very nice, although we don’t yet know if they have a spe­cific func­tion.

5. This di­ag­o­nal line at the bot­tom of the front end pro­vides a sense of sta­bil­ity, a base for the en­tire structure above.

6. One has the feel­ing that many sizes and shapes were tried for the Cul­li­nan’s head­lamps un­til the ab­so­lutely cor­rect di­men­sions were es­tab­lished.

7. In none of the pho­tos does one get a clear per­cep­tion of how se­verely the front fend­ers are cut back in plan view. That’s too bad, be­cause it was art­fully and skill­fully done with an ex­ac­ti­tude that sug­gests that many an­gles were tried here as well un­til the per­fect one was found.

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