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1. The rear edge of the spoiler is de­scribed by a flat band, the lower edge of which out­lines the rear fas­cia oval en­com­pass­ing the rear lamps.

2. The lower sur­face of that oval is in op­po­si­tion to the un­der­side of the spoiler. Well sculpted.

3. The two-bar are tail­lights re­ca­pit­u­late the front-end theme and are won­der­fully sim­ple and thus el­e­gant.

4. This hard line softens a bit to­ward the cen­ter of the car, but the rear panel is clearly de­fined.

5. Four pen­dant fins in the rear dif­fuser sug­gest rac­ing in­ten­tions.

6. The bot­tom edge of the rear fender sweeps up­ward dra­mat­i­cally.

7. The lower pro­file of the sill flows up­ward from the rear wheel open­ing then turns down­ward the bot­tom to edge par­al­lel of the cove.

8. This rib curves up­ward from its ori­gin at the end of the side cove then thrusts for­ward into the black hole at the back end of the front fender.

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